Central African Republic: Mr. Adama Dieng, one of the genocidaires in Bria is called Abdoulaye Hissène!


Bria, the chief town of the prefecture of Haute – Kotto, is constantly being the theater of incessant clashes between armed groups for several months, the day after the departure of the Sangaris mission. The objective sought here is nothing but the control and plunder of the mineral resources in the subsoil of that part of the Central African Republic. The result: deaths every day, burnt houses and granaries and thousands of displaced people on sites or in the bush and forced to live there in total destitution and as animals. One of the perpetrators of these criminal acts and serious human rights abuses is Abdoulaye Hissène. Mr. Adama Dieng, simply plead for his arrest and translation before the ICC or SPC!

  1. The Panel was informed that at the beginning of 2016 Abdoulaye Hissène had contacted potential buyers to sell 300 kilograms of gold to Nairobi. The prospective buyers told the Group
    that he had been unable to provide reliable documentation to prove that he was in possession of such a quantity of gold. Furthermore, the Panel was unable to obtain proof of the existence of the Kenyan company « Sovereign Freighters LTD », of which Abdoulaye Hissène claimed to be the customs broker.
    48. The Panel finds numerous cases of Kenya-based individuals who received funds in exchange for promises to sell gold that were not in possession.
  2. In its final report of December 2016, the Panel noted that in September 2014 Abdoulaye Hissène entered into a $ 9.9 million purchase and sale agreement in Nairobi. However, the Panel has no evidence that the transaction took place and that it actually held the gold in question.
  3. Annex 4.8 contains information on Abdoulaye Hissène’s attempts to invest in a company based in Cameroon.
    (excerpt from the report of the UN experts of 26 July 2017)

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