Chad: Idriss Déby asks Touadera to extend a hand to Bozizé, Djotodia, to the cutlers of the Selka and Antibalakas ….


The President of Chad in an interview with journalist François Soudan of Jeune Afrique on January 18, 2017:
– François Soudan: « What advice do you make to President Touadera to stabilize his country? »
– Idriss Déby: « The crisis in the Central African Republic goes back a long way, to the mutinies of the mid-1990s. Since then, Chad has stood with Bangui to help it recover. The National Assembly Karim Meckassoua, but the Central African Republic needs an inclusive national reconciliation. Until President Touadera is able to organize a vast national forum in this sense, including all those who today , Are being sidelined by the international community, namely former presidents Bozizé and Djotodia, the leaders of the ex-Seleka and the anti-balaka, they will not succeed, if among them there are people Who have blood on their hands, leave time to time.There is no need to create a jurisdiction for this: the victims will always be able to file a complaint and obtain their case, as happened in Chad with the agents of ex- DDS in the time of Hissène Habré National reconciliation is a prerequisite, without which most of the Central African territory will remain under armed bands.
Provided by: Jeune Afrique


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