Nation: But where would the revenues arising from the sale by the Ministry of Housing and Housing of parcels of the State parceled and serviced?


According to information from sources generally believable in our possession and emanating from the entrails of the Presidency of the Republic, the revenues arising from the sale by the Ministry of Housing and Housing, parcels of State, And viabilized, would simply have evaporated in nature. Neither in the accounting books of the Central African Agency for the Promotion of Habitat in abbreviated form « ACPH » nor in the accounts of the Urban Planning and Equipment Fund « FAEU », the traces Of their entry, that is to say their receipts in terms of receipts and their outflows in terms of expenditure. This is what would have come out of the results of a monitoring mission entrusted to the Inspector General of Finance, through the Ministry of Finance and Budget, and carried out by financial professionals.
Information to make to sleep all Central African worthy of the name and anxious to respect the rules of good governance, transparency and the common good. Acts of indelicate and opaque management of public funds which would have names only misappropriation of public funds, forgeries and use of forgeries, fraudulent extortions of public funds, etc ….
It should be noted that the sale of these plots of the State had already attracted the attention of the President of the Republic who had not hesitated for a single moment during the last celebration of the International Day of the Tree and in a declaration Official, to speak about it by pointing a finger accusing the authority in charge of the management of this department. A department whose management is entrusted, after the publication of the list of members of the Sarandji government, to a staff out of status, for reasons of geopolitical balance, said the prime minister. An error of appreciation which, at the time, was the subject of strong denunciations and criticisms. What could only naturally and finally pose problems: that of good governance, that of the defense of the general interest. Values that have no raison d’être in the culture of an out-of-status staff, guided solely by the unbridled search for easy gain. Stay tuned !
Kassa Mongonda


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