Zoundecko / Méckassoua case: "the evidence will be published", says the coalition FPRC / RPRC / MPC … ..

For the FPRC, « General » Joseph Zoundecko was targeted voluntarily by UNMISCA, in order to silence him. Ten days ago, he threatened to unveil everything, documents and evidence, including funding, Support on the implications and collusion with the Seleka, Abdou Karim MECKASSOUA, the current PAN.

Zoundecko had declared that once he returned to Bambari (he was at that time towards Ippy), he would publish everything. He had opened the door to Mbroutchou during an interview with a journalist from the RJDH.

The FPRC and the coalition (FPRC-RPRC-MPC) claim that the murder of Joseph Zoundecko was televised by KARIM MECKASSOUA, in order to prevent the revelations promised on his account from harming his career, and do not update his tricks .

The proof is that the bombing was targeted, ZOUNDEKO was spotted by the signal of his satellite phone. The purpose of the operation was not only to stop a military advance, but also the assassination of a designated individual.

However, the coalition states that even if Zoundecko has been killed to silence him, the archives remain, and they will publish them.

Source: LNC


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