The lieutenant of 50/50 Force alias "Big Man" and 2 of his elements shot down at Km 5 this afternoon ….


According to generally reliable information in our possession at the time of going to press this article, the murderer and the killer of the Km5, the one who posed as the 50/50 lieutenant, another blood throat and blood drinker from The worst species but sent since then ad patres, would be shot down by a mixed patrol composed of elements of the gendarmerie, the police and the Minusca this afternoon.
Indeed, for some time now, the National Gendarmerie has registered several complaints and numerous cases of serious abuses and violations of human rights, at Km 5 in general and in the area of the Saint Mathias Church, particularly The responsibility would lie with this offender and with a band of criminals who had gained their cause.
In order to restore order in this part of the capital, where many displaced persons have returned to their homes and continue to do so through the policy of reconciliation and social cohesion, the gendarmerie considered it imperative and judicious to Calling him to order by summoning him to answer his summons. Unfortunately, as a result of many refusals to defer, a patrol was set in motion to go in search of him. Having been informed, the man would have prepared himself and to defy the authority of the State would have been the first to open fire on the elements of the gendarmerie, the police and the Minusca, who came to meet him. Thus it would have been purely and simply defeated with two (2) of its elements. The bodies would be exposed to the Aladji Babolo mosque. On the mixed forces side, three (3) casualties were reported. Since then, the strong detonations and the crackling of weapons that were heard, after the exchanges of fire between this mixed force and its elements, would have finally been silent at nightfall and everything would be returned in order …. That this mixed force could be expanded and deployed at Koui, Bocaranga, Kaga – Bandoro, Bambari, and wherever these warlords and their armed bands still raged. For the people of the Central African Republic are exhausted and tired of running, weeping and burying their dead. And with the knowledge of the defense and security forces and the UN forces!
To be continued … ..!
Jean – Paul Naïba


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