Revelation: Touadéra opts for Metinkoé and boots with the Bokassa key?


Even if at the beginning of the armed conflict between the Minister of the Interior and the Territorial Administration Mr. Jean-Serge Bokassa to the Director General of the Gendarmerie President Touadera remained neutral and silent in his camp, the last three weeks, At the request of the Director General of the Gendarmerie, he ended up arbitrating by clearly choosing his camp in order to put an end to this case.

At the beginning of 2017, a serious conflict broke out between Interior Minister Jean-Serge Bokassa and the Director-General of the National Gendarmerie. In the sights, the appointment of some gendarmes to positions of responsibility operated by Minister Bokassa. For the Director-General of this gendarmerie, all these appointments are counterproductive because not only was he not consulted upstream before making these appointments, but they correlated with clientelism, thanks for services rendered And nepotism. This led him to undertake a counter-appointment himself.

A counter-nomination which lasted for one month and which almost turned into a tragedy after violent verbal exchanges between the Minister and his DG on the one hand and between the elements affected and disassociated by the Minister or the DG, somewhere else. Thanks to an intervention, too late by a good father, President Faustin Archange TOUADERA last week, everything is back in order. But how?

According to our information, the Director-General of the Gendarmerie, conscious of the danger that could happen, if his supervisory minister Jean-Serge Bokassa continued to mock him in this conflict, urgently requested an audience with President Touadera Make clear its responsibilities. In reply, the latter had returned the same ball to the Director General of the gendarmerie, to take his responsibilities. According to the term even used by the Turtle of Damara to its visitor, « You are nevertheless a general of our army. In no case shall you be allowed to do so by a civilian.  »
A galvanized response from President TOUADERA that would have allowed the rival of the Minister Jean-Serge Bokassa to win the last battle after the latter is informed of the support of the President of Bangui to his rival the DG of the gendarmerie.
With this support, all the gendarmes appointed by the minister Jean Serge Bokassa to positions of responsibility in the brigades were simply replaced by those appointed by the DG. The CEO’s CB took office at the brigade at the epicenter of the conflict, PK Brigade 9 and the minister returned to his starting unit. So ends the first episode.

Fortunately for the country, things calmed down without a bloodbath that everyone feared.
According to our information, it is not for the first time that President TOUADERA boots « in out » of the cadres that his ally of the Lobaye names them. Not long ago, he appointed him, as the Director of Cabinet, his former counselor in maternal and primary education during the companion of the teacher of fundamental 1 Sosthene Dèngbè, dislodging thus in violation of the texts, the man in the profile That it is necessary for this ministry and appointed by Jean Serge BOKASSA.

Appointed to the position of the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Administration in his first government after the group elections of 2015-2016, of which he contributed strongly to the success of the candidate Faustin archange TOUADERA, the evangelist Jean-Serge Bokassa would be presently In the viewfinder of President TOUADERA’s relatives. For them, Minister Bokassa is too light to direct such a ministerial department. To be continued …

Source: CNC


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