Revelation: Mr. Rocka Rolin of the online newspaper "Kadei Vox", threatened with death by the relatives of Minister Dondra?


In a video released last week on social networks by a group called « Gifted Generation » that CNC editors were able to visualize, the presenter and the presenter of the video clearly mentioned and criticized the relatives of Finance Minister Henri Marie DONDRA who, according to his own words, threatened to kill the editor of the online newspaper « Kadéï Vox » Mr. Rocka Rollin. This serious and direct accusation against Minister Dondra and his family prompted us to conduct our own investigation with all concerned in order to clarify national and international opinion on this serious accusation.

It all began with the publication of an article by the online newspaper « Kadéï Vox » directed by Mr. Rocka Rollin according to the presenter of the video put on line by the collective « Generation Gifted ». In this article, Mr. Rocka Rollin severely criticized the work of the resident ministers of the Prefecture of Mambéré-Kadei, including Minister of Finance Henri Marie Dondra. Dissatisfied with this article, according to the presenter of the video who did not cite his sources, some relatives of the minister Henri Marie DONDRA who would not have accepted such criticism of him, would have uttered death threats Against Mr. Rocka Rollin of Kadei Vox.
Alerted by this video of the collective « Generated Gifted », the Journalists of the Raven News immediately begin to seek to understand why a proper minister of the Republic could afford with his relatives to threaten to death a journalist who is only his job ?

For the past week, we have tried to contact all the parties quoting from this case, but our messages have remained unanswered on the side of some people close to the case. For the presenter of the video of the Collectif « Génération douée », this death threat story had arrived on their desk through one of the close associates of the Kadéi Vox Rocka Rollin Editor-in-Chief who had been alerted upstream by the latter. On the other hand, this one in person, the supposed victim, responded only with a small sentence of one line and out of our investigation.

To go further in our investigation, 3 close to the minister Henri Marie DONDRA were interviewed by our editorial staff.

According to the minister’s sister, Ms. Edwige Dondra, who answered our questions, at the time of the publication of this accusing video, she had herself taken care of contacting a dozen of her family members, including her brother minister , To try to understand this story that sully their name.

This is surprising and bizarre, according to Mrs. Edwige Dondra, except for Minister Dondra who told her that Mr. Rocka Rollin has all her right as a Central African to criticize the work of their leader, almost all of her other relatives whom she had contacted, Had not only read the article of Mr. Rocka Rollin, but also they do not know the blog of « Kadéï Vox », even less its Publishing Director Mr. Rocka.

More shocking, she told us that she had even made contact with Mr. Rocka who had replied that it was not he who alerted the collective « Generation Gifted » for the publication of such information, while the officials of the collective Told him the opposite. They even claimed that it was Mr. Rocka Rolin who had told them the story of the death threats against him.
The same is true of the other close relations of Minister Dondra that we could join by Messenger in France or Bangui. Many told us not to understand this story.

Finally, where does this threat of death come from?

For some, the blog of Kadéï Vox and his DP Rocka Rollin have difficulty to progress in the opinion of the Central African Republic and therefore one must be seen by such fantastic, defamatory and provocative accusations. « We have to invent, lie to prosper, » says a Central African blogger contacted by CNC.

For the others, however, a complaint must be lodged either by Mr. Rocka Rollin or by the Dondra family in order to clarify this direct accusation.

Moreover, according to our information, a process is under way for a complaint against Mr. Rocka and his suite for false accusation and defamation.

On the other hand, Mr. Rocka was also planning to file a death threat complaint against X. While the animator of this video confirmed that he has solid evidence that he could Present to justice when the time comes.

Will he do it? That is the real question.

It should be remembered that in a death threats case, only a complaint lodged with Justice could clarify public opinion. In the event of a false declaration, the alleged victim would be sentenced.

Source: CNC


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