Revelation: Elements of the Minusca disarmed by the Anti – Balaka in Bozoum … ..


Anti balakas

The story seems imaginary, yet it is a reality on the ground that the soldiers of the Multidimensional Mission of the United Nations in Central Africa (Minusca) meet almost every week. The Anti-Balaka, which is supposed to be disarmed by United Nations soldiers under UN Security Council provisions, is dramatically turning into a situation that dramatically disrupts UN A local provision. Unbelievable !

For many of the Central Africans, UN Security Council Resolution 2127, which had been unanimously voted in order to strengthen the military capability of its peacekeepers in the Central African Republic, is now transforming itself into a kind of Resolution of the strengthening of the anti-Balaka military power over all operational forces. This observation is widely shared in the Central African Republic. The latest event, which reinforces this idea a little more, comes from the town of Bozoum where soldiers of the Minusca were forcibly disarmed by the Anti-Balaka who, without worrying about a possible consequence that will not come from Have taken their courage to dig, pocket by bag, bag by bag, all these soldiers before routinely drilling all the wheels of their truck.

According to witnesses who were joined by one of our correspondents in the region, these Minusca soldiers, based in Paoua after their final departure from the town of Bozoum a few months ago, numbered about 10 or so when they came from Paoua For Bossemptélé via Bozoum. While they had been formally banned by the Anti-Balaka to put their legs in the city of Bozoum, military officials of the Bangladeshi-based Minusca forces took this anti-Balaka ban lightly.

Armed and armored, they left Paoua last week. On arriving at Bozoum, their convoy was stopped by the anti-Balaka militia who had pointed them, and disarmed by force. It was a shame for the United Nations to submit to an armed militia as if the right to use force was reserved exclusively for the Anti-Balaka. It is a war crime that has not been condemned and denounced, as usual, by the officials in Bangui because of the shame that surrounds the facts.
According to a student doctor who witnessed the event, some of these soldiers of the Minusca trembled like the sick Charcot. They lost traction in their muscles and chest walls and exuded enormous sweat in the back. So they do not have the strength to hold their weapons.

In order not to run the extra risk in this town of Bozoum, they decided nevertheless to continue their route in the state of their wheels punctured in order to reach the city of Bossemptélé.
« Continue your roads by leaving tires on the road that leave human life » advises a resident of the city, visibly pity of them.

A fact worthy of an American film on Central African soil. Do the United Nations have no other legal means at their disposal to strengthen the presence of their troops in the CAR? For the Central Africans, the United Nations forces only exist on paper.

Deployed in the Central African Republic in September 2015 after the outbreak of the 2012 civil war, which killed more than 15,000 people, UN troops currently number 12,000 in Central African territory. Despite this impressive number, the situation remains chaotic on the ground.

Source: CNC


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