RCA: Mr. Touadéra and Mr. Sarandji, the appointment of non-status staff poses problems of good governance …


If there is an act which, among all the acts posed by President Touadera, the candidate of the policy of rupture and change, has aroused and constantly aroused the reaction of all the great clerks of the State, Uncomfortable and continue to put uncomfortable all human resources managers, civil service managers and payroll controllers, it is indeed the sudden and massive invasion of human resources, Administration and the various services of the State by a wave of the personnel out of status, since taking office and the last appointments made to the presidency of the Republic, to the primacy, in the government, the departments and in the peripheral entities. Acts that raise problems of good governance, disturb civil servants and agents and may threaten relations with donors and other friends of the Central African Republic. The consequences are: the paralysis of certain services, the significant increase in the wage bill, and the placing on the shelf of the right of young graduates to integration.

Frustrated and demotivated state officials and agents

It is no secret that the public service, everywhere in the world, is an institution whose actors are commonly called « civil servants and agents of Eta » and whose aim is to provide quality public services to Administered. Regularly recruited on the basis of a certain number of qualifications, criteria and conditions enshrined in legal and regulatory provisions, following an admission competition or by an interministerial decree for integration into the public service, these are Known by the common people or the plebs under the name of customs officers, nurses, gendarmes, police officers, clerks, teachers, midwives, magistrates, engineers, etc. Their missions To collect taxes, to care for, to protect, to judge, to educate, to give birth, to feed, to conceive and to implement development projects, for example in the field of agriculture, Rehabilitation of roads and rural roads, construction of schools, hospitals, bridges, etc.The execution of all these different tasks constitutes quality public services which the citizens need and for the welfare of the population and the responsibility of the State. As every human work is built over time, the acquisition of these skills and the technical tools that accompany them require years of training, training courses and solid experiments that ultimately entitle them to Benefits and advances. In order to enable the State to benefit from their know – how and how to do so, all appointments to political as well as technical posts must take account of these requirements and pearls, that is to say Of those men and women who have the real mastery of technicality and who offer all these loyal services on behalf of their administration and in the name of the State. And only voluntary departures and deaths and the right to retire can put an end to their careers.


Unfortunately, with the massive appointment of out – of – status staff or retirees, that is men and women whose names and CVs are not in the public service personnel files or whose names are already Who have been disqualified from the civil service file for having been allowed to assert their pension rights and whose choices and appointments are not based on criteria of qualifications, genuine control of technicality and solid experience but rather on Political and categorical, regional, ethnic and even sectarian, the time is everywhere to frustration and demotivation.

Because, obviously put in a minority by these personnel out of status and forced to release their post, they can no longer validly and patriotically bring their know – how and technicality to the State. Now, most of them can only make a presence in their workplaces or in their service so that their salaries are not simply cut off for absence. Being without a function, without an office, and having no seat to sit, some are obliged to stay in the yard and to exchange with their colleagues before disappearing from 11 o’clock. Others, more responsible, simply prefer to stay at home and occasionally present themselves only to clarify the treatment of a given file. Men and women who are paid to do nothing, that is to say without compensation for the provision of benefits due.


Their care creates a new expense and blocks the integration of young graduates


If it is commonly accepted and can be tolerated that competences not falling under the category of civil servants and public servants may be appointed to assume the duties of ministers of the Republic, this exceptional margin of maneuver is subject to Criteria and conditions. These skills must nevertheless be included in the civil service files with solid administrative, technical and political experience. But this possibility, which is generally acknowledged for political functions, can only be exceptionally extended to technical posts, and in such cases, competences debauched elsewhere or in the private sector must first justify their know – how and how to do so In an area where there are no other equivalent and probative competencies in the administration concerned.


These are thus true exceptions to the rule in order to prevent any questioning of the provisions which have enshrined the fundamental guarantees granted to the legal beneficiaries that are any civil servant and any agent of the State and to prevent the public service from being literally taken Assault by hordes of upstarts, political buffooners of small caliber and lords of war, without faith, law, education, training, imagination and especially humanity.


Unfortunately, and against all odds, it is a deplorable situation in which all the fighters of freedom and democracy witness helpless death. A concern that results de facto and de jure, on the budgetary level and the monthly execution of the expenses of the personnel of the State, by the creation of a new expense, through the financial assumption of the newcomer or Of these hordes of personnel out of status. Indeed, as the name given to them clearly illustrates, and because their names are not included in the civil service files, human resource managers and payroll controllers must be activated to assign them A number for the purpose of enabling them to issue monthly statements on the state budget. In short, a new expense. A new expenditure whose resources could be saved and invested in the promising sectors of education and health. It is enough to appoint to this post a functionary more or less competent among all those who are now paid to do nothing. A situation of poor governance that embarrasses partners who have been at the bedside of our country for more than three (3) years and who generously hand over to pay wages. Is this the politics of the broken sung and long – awaited? Should we wait until the state is declared bankrupt and abandoned by all the donors so that we stop spending the money we do not have?


 Better still, from this perspective, this method of invading the administration by non-status staff and pensioners can not validly play in favor of young graduates who, technically better qualified, are supposed to occupy the place of those who are already Allowed to assert their rights. At this pace of permanent retraining of those without status and pensioners whose proven limits do not cease to have a negative impact on the performance of the State services, there is no doubt that no courageous initiative will be taken for the  » Integration of the thousands of graduates who are waiting at the door of the civil service and who are sometimes obliged to use the service of arms to meet their needs.


On the strength of the above, it is legitimate to assert without risk of error that it is no shame for a President of the Republic to bomb his parents to the posts of ministers – advisers, missionaries, directors-general, Directors of services and heads of services, if their names appear in the public service files and if they have the required qualifications. On the other hand, it is shameful for a President of the Republic to bomb his parents to the posts of ministers – advisers, missionaries, directors-general, service managers and heads of services, if their names are not included in the Files if they do not have the necessary qualifications and if they come from the private sector, to the detriment of those who are in the service. It is not about good governance, but about institutionalized bad governance. What a shame for them in their patched jackets, obliged to run behind a small head of department for such or such file! What a shame for the President of the Republic who appointed them to these posts! What a shame for the whole Republic! But who tells you that ridicule kills in this country?


Jean – Paul Naïba


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