Politics: November 17, 2016 – January 17, 2017: A terrible silence of cemetery 2 months after the famous round table of Brussels …


Notwithstanding all the thurifiers of the regime, their supporters and other eaters at all racks, the fighters of freedom and democracy can affirm with all force and all the revolutionary hatred of their heart, and without any risk of mistake That more than 10 months after his brilliant election and taking office, on 30 March 2016, Touadera struggled to establish his authority both in Bangui and inside the country. Worse still, it is very far from knowing in what boat he caused the Central African people to sit down, where he is driving and unable to tell him the distance already traveled, the one still due and unable to reassure him on his means and methods . To all these legitimate questions, and in order to fill his gaps and weaknesses, he asked and only asked the people for reprieve and patience every day. In doing so, he simply forgets that the people who entrusted him with the management of his destiny are dying every day, anonymously and without the right to a funeral worthy of a human being, finds nothing to eat, Does not work, does not go to school and is constantly being racketeered by warlords and armed bands …. A dark future, very dark for the lyrics …

In reality, broken into the commands of city affairs, the man of December 30, 2015 as he was nicknamed by some organs of the written press, not only was not skillful and agile, like Bissimbingui, the mythical character Of the novel of René Maran « Batouala », but especially had not in his quiver sharpened arrows to help him to clear the way in search of a game, to reach any prey and give him the opportunity To go home the game-bag full of victuals for both the family and the neighbors. Days, weeks pass without his falling on the silhouette of a palm rat, and the year 2016 ended without any proof of his policy of rupture, Sung and long awaited by all, on the basis of which he was elected.
And yet, all the fighters of freedom and democracy had believed in him and had relied on his solid past experiences at the primacy, under the regime of the general of operetta, François Bozizé. Five (5) years which allowed him to conceive and implement a policy of consolidation of public finances, with on arrival a dry cleaning in the financial authorities, even if certain academicians with diversions having the back battleship n Had never been worried during this period. It was this policy, it must be emphasized, which had greatly contributed to make of it in the collective consciousness, the man of the people and the defender of the finances of the State. A plus that was decisive in the choice of the people during the last presidential and legislative elections.

Unfortunately, more than 10 months later, in the test of power, the man can not really prove himself, like a mason at the foot of a wall and a trowel in his hand. Meanwhile, in order to put to sleep the conscience of one and the other, he had found in the organization and holding of the round table in Brussels a sort of opium and escape. As if we had to wait for the results of this meeting with the donors, we should not do anything, sweep the court and inside the house, go to work, or prosecute the murderers and murderers of the People, known to all, nor go to the toilet to relieve themselves, nor eat, nor sleep, nor dream … ..Until it actually held on November 17, 2016, followed by ads of more than 2, 3 Billion dollars. Announcements or, more precisely, promises and not cash availabilities to be conveyed by a charter flight to Bangui. However, as if they were blindfolded and thought they could make the eyes of a whole people blindfolded on their proven weaknesses on arrival, a triumphant and triumphalist welcome, as if Touadera had indeed won the big prize. A bad communication, which today is trying to play him a bad turn, because 2 months later day to day, the people do not see anything concrete emerging on the horizon and begins to ask questions about the Destination where Touadéra and his team lead him. In the wall ? No one can answer that question today. But what is certain is that the future is fleeting, skeptical, uncertain, and even very worrying, even though staff movements truffled out of cases of out-of-status staff and retirees were done in a hurry. So much so that for the majority of Central Africans, in 10 months of reign, Touadera could do nothing or even let it happen. As Francois Hollande had said to a certain Djotodia, the child of misfortune. On the other hand, for the minority, many acts are to be put to its credit. But, what are these acts? Acts that had no impact on the standard of living of an entire people, according to a surfer.

Judge for yourself: « 8 months of balance sheet of Patrice TALON at the head of the State of Benin, adapted measures that clearly announce a positive dynamic of change at the head of the State. When we know what we want to do for our country, a vision guides us and leads us towards advancement. What is the record of the 9 months of presidency of TOUADERA? They will tell us that the situations are not the same, that we can not do everything in 9 months, that TOUADERA « inherited » a catastrophic country and so on. All this verbiage because nothing concrete has been done. In 9 months of presidency, his first marking act was to marry 2 women (note that his private life must interest the people now that he became a public man). In 9 months of presidency, it increased by more than 200% the amount of its special funds to more than 15 million per week while the investment budget of the Ministry of Youth is 15 million annually. In 9 months of presidency, he imprisoned the leaders of civil society, Messrs LAKOSSO and MOKWAPI; He had to resolve to release them after strong pressure. In the nine months of the presidency, it took five to set up the DDR Consultative Council, forgetting that disarmament was a priority. In its slowness in making security decisions, it was the Central Africans who lost their lives and continue to lose their lives. In 9 months of presidency, he took seven to sign the decrees of appointments in the various ministries; The Ministers had to pretend to work all this time without a cabinet. In 9 months of presidency, he decided to displace the displaced people of Bangui Mpoko airport with accompanying MESURETTES of 50,000 or 100,000 Ffcfa per household. In nine months of presidency, he personally received dozens of alleged investors without concrete results. There is one thing I do not understand. Why is the President of the Republic obliged to personally receive investors? Can not Ministers do it? It seems that investors often give money to facilitate obtaining certain favors … In 9 months of presidency, it does not control more than half of the prefectures of the CAR, delivered to the rebels. In 9 months of presidency, it directs alone and badly the country, excluding the other political parties including some of its allies. Everyone demands a national dialogue, but he is not moved by it. Our country is dying before our eyes. I shall never be an accomplice to the laxity of the present power. The story will hold the alert throwers and the courtiers will be thrown into the trash. « 

After the end-of-year celebrations, Touadera must have the political courage to take stock and take all measures to change the gun, before it is too late. For « to govern is to foresee » and many things can be done without the financial contribution or the support of the donors. So it is high time for him to shake the coconut tree, if he wants to prevent a storm of disputes from winning.

Kassa Mongonda


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