Nation: Touadera and Onanga do not care about the embargo and import weapons to maintain insecurity


And the great plot against the people of the Central African Republic is inexorably and irreversibly pursuing its good luck with the active complicity of Touadera, to whom he entrusted the management of his destiny and that of the international community, represented in Rca by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United, a certain Perfect Desire Onanga Anyanga.

This is the terrible and unacceptable statement reached by all the alert launchers and all the fighters of freedom and democracy, in the wake of the discovery of two (2) 20-foot containers in Bangui at Port Amont Full of weapons of war of all calibres. How were these weapons ordered and routed to Bangui, without the attention of the legal and legitimate authorities being awakened? How can weapons destined for Minusca use regular channels to which all goods are subjected, whereas they have to be the object of a particular mode of transport and rigorously monitored? Does this mean that the resolutions decreeing the arms embargo on the Central African Republic are now lifted? Such are legitimate and pertinent anxieties which are fired from the lips of all Central Africans and Central Africans who have not hesitated to take up the precincts of the port of Amont to witness this spectacle.

In fact, it has been for more than three (3) years that resolution 2127 decreeing the embargo on the import of weapons to the CAR and the others that have followed are regularly trampled underfoot by the authorities Central African Republic, on the one hand, and the international community through Minusca, on the other. Indeed, having acquired the cause of the international mafia, including the large multinationals that produce and fuel the arms trade, they can not but instrumentalize this crisis by means of fraudulent imports of weapons of war in favor of the Unconventional forces and to the detriment of the Central African armed forces. These two (2) containers are only the visible part of the iceberg and God alone knows how many others, transported in the same way, that is to say, like all banal merchandise, destined for warlords and Armed bands would have been at Km5, Ndélé, Koui, Bambari, Kaga – Bandoro and whose contents had already been used to kill or continue to kill Central Africans. Who is con? Is it not the persistence of the security crisis that justifies the presence of the special representative of the Secretary-General of the nations – united in the Central African Republic, with immensely monstrous and colossal financial and material advantages? Is it not the intercommunity character of this crisis, invented by France, which founded and continues to base the deployment of the UN forces in the Central African Republic? Is it not its persistence through the continuous feeding and the perpetual renewal of hostilities and violence that makes Total grow and gives purpose to the humanitarian NGOs that are scouring the Rca?

And what about Touadera? Imposed on a whole people in the aftermath of a presidential election, the results of which would have been manipulated by a certain Charles Malinas, according to the cruel truths that had come out of Mrs. Samba – Panza ‘s mouth, he would have been asked to remain silent and not to Nothing to create shadow to its sponsors. In return, he would enjoy satiety of the delights of power and would have a golden retreat. So how would you like it to go against the international community, by vigorously denouncing the illegal, illegal and mafia practices of imports of weapons of war in favor of warlords and armed bands, and Imposing the rearmament of the Faca by all means? Would not that be asking him to saw the branch of tree on which he is sitting?

He can not do otherwise than collaborate and cooperate with the cutthroats of a whole people for fear of losing his cozy armchair … ..This illustrates marvelously the Joint Government / Minusca communiqué of 6 March 2017. A laconic statement Whose terms prove that Touadera and Sarandji do not care about the Central African people and their right to life:


Jean – Paul Naïba


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