Nation: Mr. Touadéra & M. Méckassoua, who wants to liquidate political parties and assassinate democracy in this country?


Such is the question that has been constantly fired for several days on all sides and spreading like wildfire in the city of Bangui, emanating from sources generally trustworthy and very close to the main political parties of both the presidential majority and Of the opposition. A question which is whispered in international organizations, diplomatic representations, major chancelleries and NGOs.

Indeed, according to these sources, technical provisions are being taken by the current office of the National Assembly with the expertise of the Constitutional Court and included in the draft of the new Rules of Procedure, in order to allow a deputy To be able to freely resign from his political party while continuing to avail himself of his status as a member, on the grounds that once elected he would enjoy throughout his term of office as a Member of Parliament and a representative People. The President of the Republic, Faustin Archange Touadéra, the President of the Assembly, Mr Karim Meckassoua and the Prime Minister, Simplice Matthieu Sarandji, were clear to the independents, to name but a few, Who have no political basis but who are now in charge of the management of the affairs of the city, to circumvent the provisions of the previous internal rules that exclusively attribute the paternity of any seat to the national assembly, not to the deputy who Is a mandatary but to his party which has the full power to mandate him and to dismiss or compel him to resign in favor of his substitute.

A terrible bomb aimed at blowing up this lock which would obviously have provoked the ire of all the presidents of the main political parties and would have already been the subject of several meetings and consultation meetings between the concerned parties, that is to say the Political parties with deputies actually sitting at the assembly and defending their interests, ideals and values. If this information were to prove to be correct by taking shape through the provisions of the new rules of procedure of the National Assembly, then there would be a clear coup d’etat against the political parties under the label Of which they were elected.

An act eminently attacking hard-won democracy and at the cost of hard sacrifices which will not only have to be vigorously denounced and condemned but above all to be vigorously combated. An act that will simply sound the death of all political parties and contrary to the provisions of the Constitution of 30 March 2016 and the 2005 Ordinance on Political Parties. First, a politically dangerous act, the responsibility of which would incontestably fall to President Touadera, whose early beginnings were visible through the debauchery of activists and activists from certain political parties and their appointments to positions of responsibility in government and Without the prior authorization of their political bureau and their leader. Then, a politically dangerous act, the responsibility of which would be left to the president of the National Assembly, Karim Meckassoua, independent candidate, who could not get 5% in the last presidential poll, but who would have bought big bangs of hard cash The vote of the elected deputies under whose label they were sovereignly elected, from the east to the west from the south to the north. Which is a permanent threat or an important factor of destabilization of the political parties and a vector of their liquidation pure and simple and without any form of process.

As a result, these two (2) personalities of the Republic would welcome the adoption of this new internal regulation and would use it cheerfully and without embarrassment to liquidate any democratic opposition in order to always have the majority To the national assembly and to profit in the long run to create their political party. Who is con?

To political parties whose aim is to animate political life, to conquer power and to manage it democratically for as long as possible, to rise in due course against the coup d’état for the advent or the institutionalization of the As Montesquieu had said in Les Lettres Persanes in 1721. « There was, » wrote Montesquieu, « a small people called Troglodyte. » All the individuals agreed that they would no longer obey no one; That every one should watch over his own interests without consulting those of others. This resolution unanimously flattered all private persons. They said, « What have I to do to go and kill myself to work for people I do not care about? I will only think of myself. I shall live happily: what does it matter if the others are? I shall procure all my wants; And, provided I have them, I do not care that all the other Troglodytes are miserable.  » This kingdom that Touadera and Meckassoua want and would impose on a whole people …

Kassa mo Ngonda


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