Nation: Mr. Touadera and Mr. Sarandji, who ordered the arrest of Mr. Nguété, Colonel of Police, seconded to the Enerca?


It’s called Nguété. He is a colonel of the police, detached for some time by the Central African energy company Enerca, in the fight against multiple acts of fraud, vandalism and destruction of his installations and other equipment of which this company is regularly victim.

Since Friday, January 20, 2017, he resides in the jails of the Research and Investigations Section, abbreviated SRI. On 18 January 2017, on the instructions of the commercial director of Enerca, he accompanied a team of distribution and marketing network agents in the sector of the 17 villas, located opposite the Pétroca Tower housing The Prime Minister, at the home of the Dame Delphine Patetif, a French citizen, technical adviser to the Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice, Flavien Mbata, to install and install a prepayment meter.

Once on the scene, the Enerca team on a public service mission will be confronted with a categorical refusal on the part of the lady Delphine Patetif who makes subject her agreement of installation and installation of this new meter Provided that these meters are previously installed and installed in all ministers, deputies and mayors. Faced with this resistance, Mr. Nguété, as a judicial police officer, was obliged to intervene in an attempt to convince Dame Patetif of the urgent necessity of carrying out this operation.

In response, not only was he badly beaten by the subscriber, but above all he was obliged to answer another police officer on the phone and called by Dame Patetif, saying politely that he Is only doing its job. And Dame Patetif to drop from her mouth to anyone who wants to hear her: She is the friend of Touadéra and Sarandji and on the day of the celebration of her birthday all the members of the government were at home at home. As if to tell agents of a state company in the exercise of their missions: Fuck you!

Two (2) days later, responding to a summons from the SRI brigade commander, following a message from the public prosecutor followed by the words « For investigation in arrest » and in the total absence of A complaint in due form, he will be notified to him at once of the reasons for his arrest: intrusion into the home of the Lady Delphine Patetif of a team of the Enerca, accompanied by the colonel of the police, Mr. Nguété, act Violence and assault on the aforementioned person.
For the sake of guidance, it should be noted that, as part of the fight against fraud, which continues to be the victim of Enerca, and with a view to increasing the level of its own resources, the government decided, following the proposal of the general management of this company, to install and install gradually the prepaid meters. In the council of ministers, priority was given to certain areas including the sector of the 17 villas. But while all 16 other tenants showed no resistance to the implementation of this operation, Dame Patetif, meanwhile, will find subterfuges to oppose it.

First in December, on the pretext of the total exhaustion of its credit of consumption of electricity. Then, by asking the Enerca team, on mission to his home, on January 3, 2017 to return on January 15, 2017. Finally, by opposing a categorical refusal to this operation, once on mission to his home, Dated 18 January 2017.

A refusal that has caused concern in her immediate surroundings and neighborhoods that do not understand the reasons for this opposition and wonder why these meters were installed and installed at home and why not at home.
A lady with problems? It is because the fighters of freedom and democracy have come to understand. It can not be otherwise, as the words used in the motives raise a real problem of law and have no meaning but those which Dame Patetif wants to give them, in order to satisfy his purpose: to have a negro who has had the courage, In the framework of an official mission, on behalf of the Republic, to do his work and to tell him openly without hesitation and no frills, as an EDF agent in France would have done.

For how can one speak here of an intrusion, that is to say, of a sudden and unexpected entry of a person into a private property, whereas M. Nguété merely accompanied For the first time, a team of Enerca agents who had already visited her three times already and in accordance with a newsletter whose content had previously been notified to whom? How can the reasons for the act of violence and assault against Mr. Nguété be found, without the irrefragable evidence of physical aggression having been established beforehand and the constant and concordant testimony of the members of the Team led to the certification of the touching of the parts judged intimate of the Pateful Lady by the accused? And why did M. Nguété come to this in the presence of all his collaborators?

A really pathetic story to sleep standing, but that raises the problem of trading in influence and the intrusion of politics and relational in the judiciary. The President of the Republic, Mr. Touadéra, the candidate for the rupture and change, and the Prime Minister, Simplice Matthieu Sarandji, whose names came from the lady’s mouth as his friends, Have an obligation to ensure the protection of any official or servant in the performance of his duties? Was this mission in which Mr. Nguété took part, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers on the installation and installation of prepaid meters? If so, what does Mr. Nguété do in the jails of the SRI, for more than 72 hours? Will not this jurisprudence in the days to come have a negative impact on the motivation and the zeal of other Nguété in the exercise of their functions?

Mr. Zarambaud Assingambi was right: the Central African Republic is the country of all the negative records.
Jean – Paul Naïba


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