Nation: Mr. Touadéra and Mr. Sarandji, did you know that the assumption of responsibility for the out – of – status costs monthly more than 260 million CFA francs to the State?



If there is an act which, among all the acts of President Touadera, the candidate of the policy of rupture and change, has aroused and continues to arouse the reaction of all the great clerks of the State, Uncomfortable and continue to put uncomfortable all human resources managers, civil service managers and payroll controllers, it is indeed the sudden and massive invasion of the  » Administration and the different services of the State by a wave of the personnel out of status, since taking office and the last appointments made to the presidency of the Republic, the primacy, in the government, the departments and in the peripheral entities. Acts that raise problems of good governance, disturb public officials and agents, and threaten to undermine relations with donors and other friends of the Central African Republic. This has resulted in the paralysis of certain services due to the non-optimal use of incumbents, a significant increase in the wage bill, and placing the right of young graduates to integration.
Jean-Paul Naïba


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