Nation: Case Grébada C / Zanga or attack to the honor of Touadéra and the image of the Republic ….

Since the election of President Faustin -Archange TOUADERA, a year ago, the Sarandji Government is fighting on all fronts to get the country out of the doldrums and conflicts that have caused thousands of victims and delayed its development, despite the Many resources available to this country larger than France.
It is this dramatic situation that the country has driven which urged the Central African authorities to solicit international aid, African solidarity, support from international institutions and donors.
Does not a popular adage say that it is in misfortune that one knows the true friends? The reconstruction of the Central African Republic is no longer the affair of the Central Africans alone. For some months now, we have been witnessing a jostling at the gates of the Renaissance Palace with some serious project initiators who, Firm instructions from President Touadera are simply put in the closet by zealous advisers, incompetent to use the expression of Brother Julien Bela of Centrafric Matin « who have a morality obscured by the easy gain, personal interest, which are the bribes , Pots of vain, corruption … « to the wackiest who bring nothing to the country but arouse more interest from the entourage of the head of state.
It is one of those far-fetched projects, which we will call the Freddy Dominique ZANGA Case, which for several days began beyond the borders of the Central African Republic in Europe in particular, the reputation of President Touadera and the credibility of everything The country that truly needs private investment and the creation of thousands of jobs to reduce youth unemployment.
What is it?
By letter dated 22 December 2016, of which we have not been able to send a copy, Freddy Dominique ZANGA of Cameroonian nationality has requested the assistance of the Central African authorities to organize in Bangui the 13th Edition of the International and Multisectoral Forum on Africa (FOREA) 2017 at the Ledger Hotel, on 28 and 29 April 2016.
A correspondence dated January 18, 2017, signed by the Minister of State, Director of the Cabinet of President Touadéra, Mr. Firmin NGREBADA, of which we have procured a copy in our Parisian network, the Head of State not only gave his But also instructed his office to work in collaboration with Mr Zanga for the success of this great meeting which should lead to the results « concrete and operational ».
The CICP, an association of 1901 law, created from scratch by a group of Cameroonians is domiciled with a company of domiciliation to N ° 66 of the prestigious avenue of the Champs Elysées in Paris.
We then decided to conduct our investigation to find out more about this association that no one has ever heard in Paris, let alone in the business or private investment circles.
We first went to the address of domiciliation where the employees were a little annoyed by our presence and had only for any answer: « that this gentleman whom they have not seen for some time Has only made a domiciliation in their company « . We also tried to locate Mr. Freddy Dominique ZANGA in Paris, but it is clear that this man who has scammed several people does not have a fixed address or a known address in Paris.
Thanks to our perseverance, we finally met one of the last victims of Mr. Freddy Dominique ZANGA, Father Ayrault-Nouma Christian, Founding President of the NGO « Hope for Children » Insertion of orphans and sick children in Africa.
What happened in reality?
Mr Zanga, the well-informed predator of the projects of the NGO which is looking for 600 000 euros to build an orphanage in Cameroon has approached his President the Father Ayrault -Nouma, to boast to him the expected and guaranteed success Of its famous 13th edition of the CICP where the following personalities are expected: Michaelle Jean of the OIF, President Talon of Benin, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, First Lady Zineb Jammeh, First Lady of Cameroon Mrs. Biya Nigerian Aliko Dangoté …. And promised Father Ayrault -Nouma to raise the funds necessary for the realization of his project.
The Cameroonian Ferman quickly put in place its strategy to rob the poor priest by signing a duplicate contract, a copy of which we could also obtain. Mr. ZANGA, who is amongst others forbidden to bank with his famous CICP who also has no bank account using subterfuges, disburses the funds of the Church for orphans, more than 150,000 euros to fill the pockets of his Acolytes of providers. Would mankind be so degraded that a man could have as much nerve to go to swindle the church, the generous who support the noble struggle of this man of the Church?
Apart from the fact that Father Ayrault -Nouma is fighting today to wash his honor stained by the criminal Zanga, he should also refund the sums squandered by his gravedigger Cameroon. He is a man who is completely dejected, weeping in tears that we met to gather his testimony.
Does Mr. Freddy Dominique ZANGA have a mother? Is it a woman who carried her in her womb to give birth to a monster so cruel? How can he indulge in such sacrilege?
The priest whom we met in Paris entrusted us with « having lost everything, the confidence of his religious community and that of the donors whom it took decades to obtain ». The 13th Edition of the International Forum and Multisector That the regrouping for the purpose of bamboula of some energetic, scam artists of the Cameroonian community in Paris. None of the announcements were present and even more serious the Hilton Hotel d’Orly where the white collar Zanga committed its package assigned to the Tribunal Father Ayrault-Nouma who should answer for non-payment of the 150 hotel rooms reserved by Mr. Zanga. Two complaints have been filed against Mr. Zanga, who has not yet received his convocation for the benefit of the homeless. But, he will be arrested by the very experienced French police, it is a matter of time. Mr. Zanga is currently exploiting the image of President Touadera to make other victims in Bangui. Central Africans, wake up!
Mr. Zanga boasts on social networks to work with journalist Eugénie Diecky and her companion Claude Lekagne; Fortunately the ridicule does not kill otherwise we would all have gone! Ms Eugénie Diecky is not a journalist, but an archivist who has become a participant in a contingent competition at Africa N ° 1 where she has been transferred since 2012 for lack of a valid residence permit in France. Same fate for her home from where she was expelled with children and husband Claude Lekagne for non – respect of the obligations of tenant (more than two years of unpaid rents). The couple takes refuge today behind an Association called « Matter Gray » which in reality is a structure of phantom communication created to measure to swindle the personalities of Africa. The Cameroonian mafia network of Freddy Dominique Zanga is led by such names as Mrs. Marie-Thérèse Altermath, Mr Claude Lekagne, Mrs Eugénie Diecky, Mrs Jhoyce Oto, Mr Jean Victor Kingué, Mr Sally Nadège Koné.
These individuals must be formally identified and known to all African countries so as not to continue to cause victims as they have done and continue to do so in France through associative structures so as not to arouse suspicion. Africans must now know, they must know their infamous heroes.
How could the Central African presidency be fooled by the crook Freddy Dominique ZANGA?
As we know, President Touadera has campaigned on integrity, fighting corruption for a total break with the past, integrity must be observed within the government and at the top of the state. This undoubtedly is not the case today.
Who in the Palace of the Presidency has facilitated the task to the crook of Cameroon? How can it be obtained in less than a month the approval of the Presidency to organize an event of such magnitude as evidenced by the correspondence of Dircab Firmin NGREBADA dated 18/02/2017? How is it that the Presidency has not sought to see the reports of activities and other concrete elements of at least the last three editions of this event and act with such lightness? Who authorized Mr. Zanga to use the image of the President of the Central African Republic to raise funds from third parties? How is it that some advisers in Touadéra who often prefer to prefer incompetent « buddies » and behave like men who know and master everything, have not been able to investigate the personality of Mr. Zanga, while projects Carriers submitted by national companies or serious international operators to the Presidency are wrongly blocked by these advisers close to the President of the Republic simply because they do not find their account?
The situation is extremely serious because it is the credibility of the country that is at stake. Mr. Firmin NGREBADA must explain himself to the Central African people because it is his office that is at the center of this unprecedented swindle. He must explain his correspondence dated January 18, 2017 signed by his hand and addressed to Mr. ZANGA.
President Touadera must no longer be satisfied with simple reminders to the order of certain black sheep who, because of their stomachs, tarnish the image of the Head of State and the CAR, he must act with firm decisions ‘example. It is urgent that an investigation be carried out to locate the responsibilities of each and that republican sanctions be applied. Otherwise, the country will never recover and what legacy will leave these irresponsible unscrupulous to the rising generations?
More business to follow …
Source: Carnews


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