Nation: And Touadera says nothing about what happens in Bakala, Mbrès, Ippy, Ndassima and Bria ….

And Touadera says nothing about what is happening in Bakala, Mbrès, Ippy, Ndassima and Bria. Terrible, is not it? Was not he elected by all those who fall every day that God makes on this earth of men, under the bullets of warlords and armed bands? Was not he elected by all those whose houses and granaries are burned every day and who are forced to leave their villages to take refuge in the bush and live there like animals? Was he elected for the happiness or misfortune of the Central African people? His unprecedented silence on the most heinous war crimes ever witnessed by a certain Sidiki who even boasted of being his half – brother in the Ouham – Pendé, a certain Al – Katim in the Nana – Gribizi , A certain Nourreldine Adam in Upper Kotto and Vakaga, a certain Abdoulaye Hissène in Bamingui – Bnagoran and a certain Ali Darass in the Ouaka and presently in the Lower – Kotto, would not it be just to comfort In their thesis those who sing urbi and orbi that it would be imposed on a whole people by Charles Malinas? As such, only his interests and the preservation of his armchair, through the strict observance of the law of silence, would be his worries?

This is the terrible and surprising finding made by all and such are the questions that are constantly flying from the lips of all Central Africans from east to west from south to north since the beginning of these terrible clashes between the coalition FPRC / RPRC / MPC of Nourreldine Adam and the UPC of the mercenary Pehl of Nigerian origin, Ali Darass.
Clashes that would have resulted in the loss of life and material damage in Bakala, emptied of its 18,000 inhabitants, in the Mbres, Ippy and Ndassima, to name but a few, Move and mobilize a vigorous response from the Minusca rat trap and operationalize the capacities to defend the integrity of the national territory, protect the civilian populations and ensure the preservation of The defense of the fundamental interests of the State.

At this rate, what assessment will the nation, at the celebration of the anniversary of taking office, on March 30 next? Decidedly, Touadera does not have the solution to the current crisis and spends most of his time using his alleged legitimacy to serve and not serve the Central Africans.

Jean – Paul Naïba


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