Mr. Dondra: When the refusal of the director of the debt to comply with your instructions causes a state supplier to fall into a coma ….

His name does not matter. It is simply a supplier of the State or more exactly, according to the jargon of the budget experts, administrator – manager of a company, member of the Collective of Small and Medium Enterprises of Centrafrique abbreviated « CPMEC ». For the fiscal year 2013, and in the aftermath of the tsunami of the Selekers who blew up on the Republic, his company was a tenderer, with two (2) other government suppliers, works contracts The rehabilitation of certain sensitive services of the Presidency of the Republic and the Renaissance Palace during the reign of the President of the Transition. More than 90% of this work has been carried out, in accordance with the technical requirements and with the financial and material support of its partners and its bank, in flagrant violation of the provisions of the Law on Public Procurement in the Republic Central African Republic, devoting the right to pay 30% of the start-up advances to all bidding and successful bidders.

He then asked for and obtained the agreement of the Transitional President ‘s very close attention to the settlement of his claims, which were deemed to be due and payable on the public treasury. Regularly recorded and annotated by the Director of Cabinet, this file was transmitted from the Presidency to the Ministry of Finance and Budget for payment. The Minister promptly did so promptly by forwarding it, in turn, to DGT for necessary action. Unfortunately, notwithstanding the proposal of the letter of transfer duly established and referred to by his close collaborators, no provision will be made on arrival by Mr. Abdallah Assan Kadre, at the time of the facts, Minister of Finance and Budget for his Signature and its transmission to the Beac. At the same time, the claims of two (2) other suppliers of the State which obtained and carried out other lots of the contracts relating to the rehabilitation works of the Presidency of the Republic were paid to whom it was entitled. An injustice, then. A double standards policy.
However, our entrepreneur will reverse his anger and return to the charge after the return to constitutional order, this time not by the Minister of Finance and Budget, but by his superior chief More immediate, in the person of Mr. Simplice Mathieu Sarandji. After two (2) reports and two (2) cross-examinations of this file, following the death of the applicant’s wife, the Prime Minister a few days ago formally asked the Minister of Finance and Budget, Mr. Henri Marie Dondra, to order the payment of these receivables. The latter, in his capacity as chief authorizing officer of the State’s expenditure, would have forwarded the file to his closest collaborators, namely DGT and the Director of Debt, followed by « Me voir ».

Instead of extracting the actual statement of these available debts in the debt portfolio and requesting 48 hours at the latest the technical opinion of its supervisor who happens to be the Minister of Finance and Budget to relieve The poor man of his misfortunes would have simply dragged his feet. On the grounds that during the last payment transactions, more than six (6) months ago, the contractor in question would not have thought of her or more exactly would not have returned to her to thank her. And this one to bury the file in the drawers until Mr. Dondra leaves on mission. And our entrepreneur, who was already sick physically, psychologically damaged by his wife’s death, and subjected to very strong pressures with threats of legal action and property seizure by his creditors, Has since fallen into a coma. An administration without humanity, would say a certain B. Boganda.

This is a way of doing things that is not such as to reassure the people of the government’s will to go towards the implementation of the politics of the sung and long-awaited break and the policy of generational change. Obsolete practices of active bribery which should no longer have the right to a city after the return to constitutional order in our country.

This is a way of doing things that, in all its nakedness, poses the problem of lack of diligence which characterizes certain senior officials of the State in the exercise of their functions. A lack of diligence, which ultimately made them not civil servants, that is, men and women who were obliged to serve their country without expecting anything in return, but rather mercenaries, c That is to say, men and women who fight and work for money. A lack of diligence raises the problem of the principle of respect for hierarchy and legal authority and will ultimately kill the duty to serve the Republic and liquidate the state on the altar of low interests of this low world.

Gaspard Koyatémo


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