Mr. Antonio Guterres, why was Nourreldine Adam ever arrested?


In accordance with paragraph 59 (d) of resolution 2127 (2013), the Security Council Sanctions Committee concerning the Central African Republic issues a summary of the reasons for including in its list sanctions the names of individuals and entities .
Grounds for inclusion in the list:
Nourreldine Adam was added to the List on 9 May 2014 pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 36 of resolution 2134 (2014) as an individual who has engaged in or has supported acts that undermine peace, Stability or security of the Central African Republic.
Further information:

Nourreldine is one of the first leaders of the Selka in the history of the movement. He designated himself both as general and president of one of the armed rebel groups of Seleka, the Central CCJP, a group previously known as the Patriotic Convention for Justice and Peace, and under the acronym CPJP. As the former chief of the « fundamental » faction of the Patriotic Convention for Justice and Peace (CPJP / F), he was the military coordinator of ex-Séléka during the offensive in the former rebellion In the Central African Republic between the beginning of December 2012 and March 2013. Without the participation of Nourreldine, Seéléka would probably have been unable to wrest power from the former President of the country, François Bozizé. Since the appointment of Catherine Samba-Panza as Acting President on January 20, 2014, he was one of the principal architects of the ex-Séléka’s tactical withdrawal from Sibut, with the aim of creating a Muslim stronghold in the north from the country. He had clearly urged his forces to resist the injunctions of the transitional government and the military leaders of the International Mission of Support to the African Central African Command (MISCA). Nourreldine is actively leading the ex-Seleka, the former Seleka forces that were dissolved by Djotodia in September 2013, and he directs the operations against the Christian quarters while continuing to provide important support and instructions to the ex -Séléka operating in the Central African Republic.


Nourreldine Adam was also included on the List on 9 May 2014 pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 37 (b) of resolution 2134 (2014), as an individual who prepared, ordered or committed Central African Republic, acts that violate international human rights law or international humanitarian law.

Following the capture of Bangui by Seleka on 24 March 2013, Nourreldine Adam was appointed Minister of Security and then Director-General of the Special Committee for the Defense of Democratic Achievement (CEDAD), a Central African intelligence service that is now dead. CEDAD, which served as its personal political police, engaged in numerous arbitrary arrests, torture and summary executions. In addition, Nourreldine was one of the main characters behind the bloody operation in Boy Rabe. In August 2013, the Séléka forces invested in Boy Rabe, a district of the Central African capital considered a stronghold of supporters of François Bozizé and his ethnic group. Under the pretext of seeking weapons caches, Soldiers of Seleka reportedly killed many civilians and carried out a wave of looting. When these attacks spread to other quarters, thousands of residents invaded the international airport, perceived as a safe place due to the presence of French troops, and occupied the track.

Nourreldine Adam was also listed on 9 May 2014 pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 37 (d) of resolution 2134 (2014), as an individual who provided support to armed groups or criminal networks through the Illegal exploitation of natural resources.
In early 2013, Nourredine Adam played an important role in the funding networks of the ex-Seleka. He traveled to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to raise funds for the former rebellion. He also acted as facilitator for a network of Chadian diamond trade operating between the Central African Republic and Chad.

Source: UN


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