Km5: And still dead, wounded, houses and churches burned down and thousands of displaced back again to Mpoko … ..


Today it is no secret to anyone and it is even now established in an undisputed and undisputed way that the murderer and the madman of the Km5, the one who pretended to be the lieutenant of 50/50, another slaughterer and drinker Of blood of the worst species sent since then ad patres, was indeed defeated by a mixed patrol composed of elements of the gendarmerie, the police and the Minusca, in the afternoon of February 7, 2017.
Indeed, sources reliable and very close to the file say that for some time, the national gendarmerie has registered several complaints and numerous cases of serious abuses and violations of human rights, at Km5, in general, and in the sector of The Church of Saint Mathias, in particular, the responsibility of which falls to this delinquent and to a band of criminals acquired to its cause.
In order to restore order in this part of the capital, where many displaced persons have returned to their homes and continue to do so through the policy of reconciliation and social cohesion, the gendarmerie considered it imperative and judicious to Calling him to order by summoning him to answer his summons. Unfortunately, following many refusals to defer as expected, a patrol was set in motion to go in search of him. Having been informed, the man would have prepared himself and to defy the authority of the State would have been the first to open fire on the elements of the gendarmerie, the police and the Minusca, who came to meet him. Thus it was purely and simply defeated with two (2) of its elements.
Immediately afterwards many horrific acts of reprisals on the part of its members led to the burning of houses and makeshift huts for the displaced, wounded and dead of men, including Mr. Jean Paul Sankagui, Journalist, former senior communications advisor and pastor of the Church of Christ, burned during the events.

Even if the calm is returning to this part of the capital, following the calls of the Imam of the mosque Ali Babolo and the ministers of public security and social affairs respectively Jean Serge Bokassa and Virginie Mbaïkoua, Would have definitely ended the policy of the return of the thousands of displaced persons of the Km 5 in their houses and other huts of fortune in the IIIrd and Vth arrondissements of the city of Bangui. Under heavy detonations of weapons and to escape the violence, several inhabitants of these sectors who had just returned to their homes, immediately returned to the site of the Bangui-Mpoko airport.
Since that day, Wednesday, February 08, 2017, journalists – reporters were able to see on the tarmac several hundred people, namely men, women, children and even people of the 3rd age, without makeshift shelters, Air to implore God to the rescue, who with both hands on his head no longer knew which saint to vow, who wept bitterly not knowing where to go and having lost everything again, who with astride children and bundles on his head And haggard eyes, which some plates in a bag in the hand, which ….
Images of desolation, of human indignity or simply of man in the state of pure animality in front of which some of our confreres could not hold back their tears. Why ? What acts of lèse – majesté crimes have they committed to deserve such punishment? How can these acts of blind killings and house fires and churches still be possible in this part of the capital, after so much bloodshed, so many exactions and so much effort deployed by all for their return, National reconciliation and social cohesion? Can it still only be possible to convince these men, women and children to return? Do not we ask them this time to return to hell, at the sight of these apocalyptic scenes? These are pertinent questions to which Touadera must imperatively reply, for he was not elected to become the executioner of the Central African people, but to be its liberator … Unless it was not the choice of this And that it was imposed on it by the international community for its enslavement, its extermination and the excessive exploitation of its wealth. This will naturally have the merit of justifying its silence and its immobility against the warlords, all the liquidators of the Republic and their crimes ……
Otherwise, when he ordered in the days following the establishment of a mixed force, cleaning the karcher of the Km 5 and setting the price of the head of all the warlords and the forced disarmament of all The armed bands in Koui, Bocaranga, Kaga – Bandoro, Bambari and wherever they still reign. For the people of the Central African Republic are exhausted and tired of running, weeping and burying their dead. And with the knowledge of the defense and security forces and the UN forces!
To be continued … ..!

Jean – Paul Naïba


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