Ippy: Barriers erected by the FPRC on the outlet and the entrance of the city in the sight of the Minusca … ..



According to reliable information in our possession, the elements of the FPRC / RPRC / MPC coalition, after harsh and hard fighting with the UPC and Minusca fighters, would have finally managed to take control of the city of ‘Ippy. To prove that they are indeed the new masters of the place, they would have erected at the exit and the entrance of the city of the barriers and would racket the populations to the knowledge and in the sight of the UN forces. An inexplicable and incomprehensible situation insofar as these forces have sworn to do everything possible to prevent them from seizing this city. Why then this change in the position of the Minusca? Why is this sudden acceptance of the presence of elements of the FPRC / RPRC / MPC coalition in the city? In numerical superiority, they would have succeeded in imposing themselves and winning over the UN forces?
These are pertinent questions to be asked by the populations of Ippy, abandoned to their sad fate. Thus, to protect themselves from further abuses, most of them would have decided to leave the city for Bria or Bambari … ..
To be continued ….
Jean – Paul Naïba


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