French special forces and Portuguese commandos to the rescue of the Minusca …



According to information from generally reliable sources, the vice would tighten dangerously around the town of Bambari, despite several tanks and vehicles of the Minusca arrived reinforcing, 2 days ago in the city.

Indeed, as we announced in one of our last articles, the coalition forces of the FPRC / RPRC / MPC, after the hard and fierce fighting that killed one of their generals, a certain Zoundecko and The loss of several of their vehicles, would have taken not only the decision to conceal themselves among the civilian population but especially to take the paths and ramps of the livestock conveyers on foot to reach the town of Bambari at all costs. This is what would already be done since several independent sources have confirmed for 3 days the presence of suspicious elements in the city and around Bambari. Information that would have been confirmed by the movement of the populations of the villages and the surrounding communes towards Bambari and the departure of several families to Bangui.

Thus, in order to prevent any eventuality and prevent any attack on the city, the Minusca would have requested and obtained the deployment of French special forces and Portuguese commandos to Bambari and around the city. Since this morning, they have been deploying in the city and planes like mirage or jaguar and helicopters regularly criss – cross the airspace of the Ouaka and the Upper Kotto. A demonstration of force eminently dissuasive and offensive against which Nourreldine Adam and Harda Harkouma would think twice before releasing their henchmen …

Kassa mo Ngonda


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