DOSSIER / CENTRAL AFRICA: When Holland detonates Touadera and enthrones Déby as new president of the CAR ….

The epicenter of a furious battle that has lasted since October 2016, and has resulted in cascading humanitarian catastrophes. When MINUSCA allowed the armed gangs to set up their military headquarters, anarchically and « illegally » – even if this adverb in the CAR did not mean anything – it had inaugurated the complete deregulation of the country, by sanctuarization of these rebel groups. As a result, more than 60% of the national territory, now out of control of the central power of Bangui, increasingly non-existent. By allowing the armed bands to act as they pleased, UNMISCA has simply committed the SOMALIZATION of the Central African Republic. It does not just count the dead, it accompanies them.


In the OUAKA, the enemy brothers UPC and FPRC and allies, to hold, for once the same language, to justify their actions. They would be there only to defend the people. This, without wondering who gave them that power. In truth, both have nothing to do with populations, seen merely as sheep to be mowed, or milking cows. Without political ideology, they are only there to carry out acts of criminal delinquency, mine control, road racketeering, theft of cattle, etc. Just mafias fighting for control of territories to exploit for their personal accounts.


Ali DARASSA the King of Bambari under pressure? Not really, his men still have the hand on the juicy and vital axis of IPPY-BAMBARI, area of all covetousness. Supported a week ago by MINUSCA in some of its fight against the FPRC, it is now in appearance Persona non grata in Bambari according to a diktat of Onusien. He has been ordered to leave Bambari on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.Why is such a reversal of his MINUSCA friends against him?


Driven from the Central African Republic by the door, MINUSCA takes him out the window. IDRISS DEBY ITNO, back in the saddle on the continent, with the installation of its sherpa Mahamat Moussa Faki at the head of the African Union Commission (AU) – a very strategic place to bother pests – feels New winged, and has itching to put his nose into the business of his favorite playground, the RCA.
Now, when DEBY coughs, MINUSCA will creep

The dramatic events in the Ouaka, in which one knows, are unpleasantly displeasing to the strong man of the pink palace in N’Djamena. Seeing this, he fears an extension of this violence in him, or even a risk of sub-regional fire, especially since he is one of the major contributors to Central African destabilization. Chad since 2012, like Sudan, serves as a backbone and supply of weapons to rebel bands of all kinds. Clever way to keep these agitated people away from home, letting them go to war elsewhere.


Above ground speeches by Balla Keita, the military leader of MINUSCA, will have been long gone. The orders now come from N’Djamena. Deby boss did not find it fair that UNMISCA supports DARASSA, and stigmatizes the FPRC. What for him could only be in the very short term a source of frustration, and feeding the fire of conflict to endure. Echoed, Azor Kality, deputy chief of staff of the FPRC and his spokesman to declare that: « The actions of MINUSCA are not fair. » Like what, the analysis of the situation by Idriss DEBY, the accustomed guerrillas was the right, because MINUSCA was right in the wall in Bambari. Thus, Perfect Onanga Anyanga, the humble leader of MINUSCA, was summoned by the Chadian monarch to his capital on Thursday, 16 February 2017, for an express meeting at the Palais Rose, lasting barely one hour. Time to give him his orders. Officially, in order to save appearances, Onanga was not whistled by DEBY, but it would be the new Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres, who ordered his Special Representative in CAR to go to N ‘Djaména to the President of the Republic IDRISS DEBY ITNO.

Why strangely send it to DEBY ITNO who has nothing to do (officially) in the crisis in the CAR, except to say that it was this same ITNO that had ordered it?

Also in N’Djamena, Mahamat Moussa Faki, expressed his « complete readiness and that of the institution he will lead, to accompany the Government and people of the Central African Republic. » « He now heads (the AU) would be at the service of the Central African Republic to help him find a way out of the crisis. » We could not make more sweet and catch.
Immediate effect upon the return of the Gabonese to BANGUI. Application of instructions received in Chad. From the first propaganda on the social networks, to make the griot of Idriss DEBY. Now for UNMISCA, the President of Chad is a very good man, and he will even be one of the key keys to resolving the crisis in the Central African Republic. Difficult to do better, in terms of licking babouche.
Then decisions on the ground. Balla Keita who was a buddy buddy with all the rebel leaders who fell under his hand, forced to change his shoulder. « We do not know the men of the PRGF or the people of the UPC, they do not interest us as armed groups, the only relationship we have with them is to say to them: dear brothers , We came here to help you talk to you, to find you.  » « The friend » DARASSA is no longer brutally in the odor of sanctity. The meetings with MINUSCA which were cordial, suddenly become more martial, because the po ALI became bulky according to Chadian analytical optics; And that only his departure would unlock things. He must go. Thus, hopefully, the troika of the FPRC will no longer have any valid reason to attack Bambari. Just in passing, the Central African power has absolutely not had a say in these Tchado-Minusca trafficking. He was not even consulted.

What to do with DARASSA?
In recent hours, it would be a question of exfiltering it towards ALINDAO, while waiting better.
Because they have to let go of the pressure. Otherwise, those stubborn FPRCs, raised like Mexican fleas, will not let go of the piece as easily, and do not care about the consequences, they want to enter Bambari at any cost, to dislodge the Nigerian « DARASSA, MINUSCA presents or not. The assassination of Zoundeko in addition, will have as consequence, to excite them more. And in this game, the Anti-Balaka of the zone, observers until then of the mutual destruction of their enemies, perfidiously find there a good opportunity to draw the chestnuts from the fire, DARASSA plus there, it would not really To displease them. And circumstantial alliance, they are support of the FPRC and allies. They have already signalized 48 hours ago, cutting out alive a good ten Muslims in the outskirts of Bambari, history of preparing the ground. Just as their men are infiltrating the city.


The axis Ippy-Bambari, object of all covetousness, and theater fierce battles and silent killings. In a circle in the radius of 50 km between Ippy and Bambari, there have been mass crimes, totally unnoticed; For the simple reason that the entrances of certain villages are or prohibited by the rebels, or very difficult to access. Also, no one to testify, except by the sayings of the travelers. All the villages, or almost all, are nothing but ghosts. Hundreds of forgotten deaths are only the invisible of this conflict. No one records them, and will not count them. Nor will they ever hope that justice will be restored to them. It is estimated that the crimes known to armed gangs in the CAR constitute only a third of the reality. And it will not be UNMISCA that will help, it does not go to villages, and apart from major roads, Does not venture on the tracks – yet where there are regularly rotting corpses, people atrociously mutilated.


The sharks are already on the lookout. Having set N’Dassima in a regular fit, with massacres of civilians on the counter, SELEKA REUNIFIEE, commanded by « General » ARDA HAKOUMA, began to direct his gaze towards Bambari. Similarly, warriors from the MPC of ALKHATIM, since the middle of last week, to camp around Bambari, waiting for the expected assault. If all go to the end, THE BATTLE OF BAMBARI will be a bath of blood.

The UPC, militarily outnumbered by the enemy coalition, had anticipated a retreat, since it lost about 30 men in fighting, and others kidnapped by the FPRC and probably executed since .
It would be at MBOKI that the leaders of the UPC, Amadou Boungous, Alassane Bouba, etc … would have put theirs in safety. Although this information is pleasantly and widely disseminated here, it is only a lure. What soldier would be mad enough to reveal his battle plans to the whole coming? In truth, they took the opposite direction completely. Meanwhile, the two stars of these tragic events are the two spokesmen, Souleymane Daouda, spokesman of the UPC on the one hand, Azor Kalité, deputy chief of staff of the FPRC of the  » other. Both are always very available to tell whoever wants to, all the good that theirs do.


By Chad, one must simply hear his Marshal-President. Idriss DEBY seized the opportunity of MINUSCA’s strategic vacuum to take control. UNMISCA, not only weakened by a catastrophic reputation for permanent laxity, has neither a plan of battle nor a program for the development of the country under its tutelage and for which it is responsible; Since every means of autonomy has been taken away from him, if only the right to defend himself with his own army. The Central African Republic is sinking into the abyss from day to day, and MINUSCA is only counting the points, When it does not use demagogy to justify unjustifiable and strategic contradictions. Idriss DEBY, he only picked up the pieces of a dying man to hope to use it to his advantage. Very concerned about what is happening in his turbulent neighbor, he hopes everything except seeing these bloody mercenaries foaming the RCA, suddenly having the very bad idea to go see what happens under his burnous. This, for the very good reason that most come from home. Keeping them apart is the best way to ensure personal safety and the perpetuation of power. Only a naive might think that he will release soft power anytime soon.

The last experience of the actual presence of the Chadian troops in the CAR, having ended pitifully, has always remained across the throat. Pull the strings away, letting the MINUSCA soak its hands in the slush, an ideal situation. Finally, one may question the reasons for the capitulation of MINUSCA before the desert tyrant.

A single answer, LA FRANCE.
The United Nations is not identical to a country, forming a bloc. It is only a complex space of struggles of contradictory influences, where the powerful decide and always win, and where the little ones are silent, and are « officially » assisted. Thus, each UN operation in a country is built around the logic and inclinations of a dominant and authorizing country, having solicited it from the Security Council. The US, for example, had twice manipulated this institution, to go completely to destroy the IRAQ without any reason. The UN has never had a say in US war crimes in Iraq.

In CAR, MINUSCA = FRANCE, the authorizing country that requested the UN intervention, and thus country which manages and weighs in the Security Council on the orientations to take in the CAR. As a result, no Chief of MINUSCA dared to comment on proven cases of rape of minors by SANGARIS. Perfect Onanga Anyanga a few months ago had it easy, when without risk, he made his show in front of African troops to moralize them on sexual exactions. He never ventured to do the same cinema in front of the French. This in preambular illumination, to explain the fact that FRANCE, tutor of MINUSCA until then, has handed over to CHAD. The very close personal relations between French Defense Minister Jean-Yves LE DRIAN and Idriss DEBY played!
In concrete terms, the contractor of UNMISCA will now be CHAD, even if the diplomats will wear out and run out to drown the fish, making the public believe that it is the UN headquarters in New York that commands. Idriss DEBY in N’Djamena made it clear to Onanga Anyanga, he is the new boss.


Totally out of the game, only the use of speech remained in Bangui, for want of concrete means of action, and above all information on which to rely to influence the course of events. Faustin Touadera, relegated to the rank of puppet president by MINUSCA, furnishes his air holes by making preaching speeches like a parish priest. It does not eat bread, but at least it occupies it, between two ballads abroad.

More realistic, the political parties to be indignant. On Tuesday, 14 February, ten, UNDP, URCA, DRC, RPR, MLPC, PATRIE, PAD, DMP, CRPS and KNK issued a joint statement expressing their Outbreak of violence in several towns in the hinterland: « outbreaks of violence of extreme severity caused … almost all over the territory of the Central African Republic. »

That was the least they could do.

Source: LNC


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