Charles Malinas, the executioner of the Central Africans caught up by the French justice …


France’s two-and-a-half-year ambassador to France, the almighty Charles Malinas, the man of Operation Sangaris, who at one point has the impression of deciding the future of the Central Africans, Suspected of trafficking in visas in an internal investigation meticulously conducted within the Quai d’Orsay.
According to several concordant sources that we had access to within the Quai d’Orsay, it is clearly indicated in a confidential report produced this autumn by the French General Inspectorate of Foreign Affairs on the functioning of the French Embassy in Bangui, where France still retains a geopolitical and geostrategic influence, that serious shortcomings and failings have been noted in the procedure for issuing visas for entry into French territory and the Schengen area.
In office in Bangui until October 2016, Charles Malinas, dismissed from his duties as ambassador, is suspected of a vast traffic of visas. The authors of the report noted serious dysfunctions in the management and issuance of visas in Bangui. Seized on the file, a source who asked for anonymity within the Quai d’Orsay tells us that « measures will have to be taken ». Because the file can no longer be classified without taking into account the seriousness of the facts noted by the inspectors of the Quai d’Orsay.
It is clear that Ambassador Charles Malinas, in office until last October in the Central African Republic, is strongly questioned in this report. The latter was also recalled at the end of last year of his new post of ambassador in the Czech Republic. « Mr. Malinas no longer works in Prague, we are waiting for his successor, » notes a laconic French diplomat in Prague. In other words, the diplomat was suddenly put to death, brutally recalled to Paris after less than three months of functions.
What we want to recognize at the Quai d’Orsay, but minimizing the scope of this revocation. « This is the usual procedure when an investigation is initiated, » it is said. This has happened a number of times in recent years « .
According to our sources, Malinas has not set foot in Prague since its recall in late December. The embassy is now administered by a charge d’affaires, we are told from the side of Prague.
Yet everything demonstrates that the file is ultra-sensitive. Last week, Rémi Maréchaux, director of the Quai d’Orsay Africa, a former senior adviser at the French Embassy in Bangui, recently traveled to Bangui to verify the findings of the investigation. There is no doubt about the results: the « dysfunctions » observed are very serious, « out of the ordinary », confesses a diplomat, and illuminate in a less glorious way the action of France in the Central African Republic.


A few months ago local employees of the French Chancellery in Bangui were already alerting the hierarchy on the questionable practices of issuing visas and the injunctions of Ambassador Charles Malinas to the consular services of the French Embassy in Bangui. Indeed, the police services in Paris of the fight against terrorism had found that radicalized Muslims had disembarked from the Central African Republic to France. The visas, apparently, had been granted them generously, without the usual checks. According to a French diplomat, a connoisseur of the Central African Republic, « it is in fact hundreds and hundreds of visas that were in fact distributed to Muslim Central Africans by the services of the French Embassy ».
At the French Ministry of Defense whose services maintain a surveillance of the country, these alerts were taken very seriously. It became difficult for the Quai d’Orsay to close his eyes. Very quickly, the investigation he carried out reveals that this lax policy was covered by Ambassador Charles Malinas himself.
What purpose? At this stage, suspicions of personal enrichment are not ruled out by foreign investigators. Charles Malinas embodied this new category of ambassadors in Africa more concerned with their privileged relations with the local power than with serving the interests of their country. They were gradually becoming the bearers of messages in Paris of African regimes not well adapted to Democratic values. The former ambassador to Bangui had developed a privileged relationship with the former president, Catherine Samba Panza, to the point that some Central Africans called him the « governor of Bangui ».
Appointed to this post by Laurent Fabius to lead the democratic transition from January 2014 to March 2016, while securing his back with a few investments in Côte d’Ivoire, Charles Malinas spared no effort to get Paris to admit Martin Ziguélé Was the man to be supported. Alas, the people of the Central African Republic decided otherwise to the dismay of the latter who did everything to make beat Anicet Dologuele who did not appreciate his injunctions. Charles Malinas was so well with the Central African power that on April 29, 2014, he was promoted to be a knight of the arts and letters, contrary to the usual practices which stipulate that diplomats can only accept decoration when they leave.
The former ambassador in Bangui is now entangled in a scandal that risks moving him away from the circles of the high diplomatic and political sphere. We know how French President François Hollande and his Defense Minister Jean Yves Le Drian sold the legend of a France that had saved the Central African Republic from the civil war. Nothing could tarnish this image of Epinal. And naturally the Quai d’Orsay has hitherto given no unnecessary publicity to these investigations, which illuminate the role of France in the Central African Republic.
If Malinas has been caught up by the French courts on the issuance of visas out of complaisance, it must be admitted that the Central Africans still retain a very bad and bitter memory of this ambassador.
What is this France waiting for to broaden these investigations on its controversial role in the Central African crisis? Had not Malinas conceived and executed the ideology of religious warfare between Christians and Muslims? Had not Malinas supplied arms to the militia? Had not Malinas condoned the massacres of the civilian population, the rape of minors? Had not Malinas established a vast network of exports of gold and diamonds to the Central African Republic? Had not Malinas tried to manipulate the electoral roll during the last elections?
The tears and the blood of an innocent people will never flow without consequences …… .. Will it be a client of the International Criminal Court (ICC) one day? WHO WILL LIVE VERRA.
Source: Carnews


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