Centrafrique: Sexual scandal at the top of the state, Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics, Léopold Mboli FATRANE must resign without delay.


Bangui, 26 January 2017. 16:40 ‘.
By: Alain Nzilo, Editor of the CNC. .
The Central African Republic is today shaken by a real sexual scandal whose author is the Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE. This politico-sexual scandal floods the canvas and is on all the lips in the CAR. Everyone goes there with his little comment. These sextapes of Leopold MBOLI FATRANE are sold in Bangui like donuts to 100 F CFA in the market of transfer of the credits, images, music and ringtones of the telephones. In the offices, markets, high schools and colleges in Bangui parents as well as children whose infants come together to visualize the erotic scene of their Minister.
Thus, for a few days, the Central Africans are totally horrified and shocked to see on the social networks not only a photo album but also and especially two videos (about ten minutes each) showing the current Minister of Central African Mines, Energy and Hydraulics, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE, in his clothes of Adam and Eve, devoting themselves to perverse sexual practices unworthy of a member of the government of the Republic.
In one of the videos, one can see Leopold MBOLI FATRANE, now unworthy of the government function and of any other republican function, and now unworthy of a status of father of family, stand in front of his computer; Undoubtedly overexcited by one of his female conquests far from him, but stuck to him through the webcam, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE strips, caresses himself, catches his phallus whose size is not far from that of a Stallion in heat, exhibits it and moves it like a club to be knocked down to knock out a beast of burden; He masturbates solo until solitary enjoyment, ejaculation on the screen of his computer. After ejaculating, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE makes the gesture of goodbye to the place of his perverse sexual partner also in front of his screen.
In the second video, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE makes love with a young girl. At the height of their sexual encounter worthy of a pair of lovebirds cooing at the bottom of a cage, Léopold MBOLI FATRANE and his partner hug each other in every way, caress themselves, go down to the cellar one after the other Before coming to the hard part where we hear the girl moaning under the hip blows of MBOLI FATRANE, the latter releasing on his side erotic words worthy of an old pervert.
Initially, alerted by Central African citizens and some diplomats in Bangui, Corbeau News first believed in a simple campaign of denigration, a common practice in the Central African Republic, not wanting to venture to disclose the information without prior verification.

But given the incalculable number of messages received from its readers, Corbeau News carried out an investigation on the social networks Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram. And the results are incontestable. No one can seriously talk about a simple campaign of denigration or video editing of the Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics. The authenticity of these compromising videos and photos is proven. It is indeed Leopold MBOLI FATRANE on sexual images.
Léopold MBOLI FATRANE must resign without delay.
In a normal state, the Minister concerned would have resigned immediately from the Government. The facts of which he is accused are of such gravity that he should have resigned from the government immediately after the break-up of the affair and even made a public statement to apologize to the nation if only to Impairment of morals. How is he doing to keep the government in relation to his peers, the Prime Minister and the Head of State? Is not CAR the country of all paradoxes?
The incomprehensible protection of the minister incriminated by President TOUADERA and Prime Minister SARANDJI.
According to reliable sources, Leopold MBOLI FATRANE is protected by the Almighty Minister of State, Head of State’s Cabinet, Firmin NGREBADA. According to our sources, he would have ordered all the members of his cabinet and the members of the government not to let the Head of State see these dishonorable videos. A solidarity, but a false government solidarity for a cause untenable for the true republicans but defendable for a band of buddies.
Pornography and similar acts are criminally reprehensible. In spite of this concealment, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister can not claim that they are unaware of this case since we see their advisers and missionaries such as Maurice Wilfried SEBIRO foaming with frenzy the networks Social benefits.
Under other skies, African ministers were forced to resign and brought to justice just for pornographic photos or taken in compromising positions with young girls. We saw it in Rwanda, in Cameroon, in Democratic Congo. Video images such as those involving the member of government Leopold MBOLI FATRANE must not go unpunished. Moreover, on this ground at least, the president of the transition Mrs Catherine SAMBA PANZA had not hesitated a second to put in a position to harm her tourism minister Romaric VOMITANDE for sexual touching carried out between four walls.
The seriousness of the facts here recounted but proven does not at all plead in favor of the retention of Leopold MBOLI FATRANE to the government. Since President Faustin Archange TOUADERA and his Prime Minister, Sarandji Mathieu, had not resigned from his own accord, they should have agreed quickly for his eviction from the government. Alas nothing! No public condemnation on the part of the two heads of the executive.
Is not President Faustin Archange TOUADERA who, on the day of his investiture, pronounced himself for an exemplary and irreproachable Republic and therefore for the rupture?
Is it not Prime Minister Simplice Mathieu SARANDJI who is quick to point out everywhere that he has no lesson to receive from anyone concerning the choice of his ministers?
Why their silent accomplice, guilty, irresponsible, shocking and revolting in the face of immorality at the top of the state they lead in the manner of a band of friends without faith and without public morality?
Are President Faustin Archange TOUADERA and Prime Minister Simplice Mathieu SARANDJI still guarantors of public order and public morality in this country?
Are they aware of the fact that they are first and foremost fathers, with children who need to be protected and well educated, starting with the country’s first leaders?
The guilty and complicit silence of the elected representatives of the nation, the political class and civil society
In the face of these disgraceful facts attributed to Minister Leopold MBOLI FATRANE, there was no position taken either by the President of the National Assembly, Abdou Karim MECKASSOUA, the deputies of the nation or the leader of the National Assembly, Opposition Anicet Georges DOLOGUELE, President of the URCA, nor civil society Gervais LAKOSSO prompt to denounce the government abuses or inaction of MINUSCA.
Elsewhere, the incriminated minister was already the subject of an interpellation to come before the elected representatives of the nation on the facts attributed to him. Politicians and civil society have already spoken of and discussed this serious scandal on the airwaves.
If Leopold MBOLI FATRANE does not resign or is not removed from the government by 31 January 2017, Corbeaux News reserves the right to publish in its entirety the images and the two sexual videos.
On the other hand, Corbeaux News is able to inform its readers that the Editor has other compromising images of two other members of the government and a member of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic that will be published later.
The exemplary Republic and the rupture advocated by President Faustin Archange TOUADERA and his Prime Minister Simplice Mathieu SARANDJI also assume that we have irreproachable and exemplary ministers in whom our children can see models and not sexual obsessed enjoying all day long Their attributes of power.
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