Case 250 million FCFA suppliers: Mr. Dondra retracts and validates the decision of ACCT ……


Finally, according to information generally believable in our possession and coming from sources very close to this file, what actually happened did happen. What the whistleblowers and the freedom and democracy fighters had announced and foreshadowed and on which they had alerted national and international opinion. Shameless acts of tampering with the list of suppliers duly established by the Executive Board of the Association known as the « Collective of Small and Medium Enterprises of Centrafrique », and to be taken into account in the distribution of the envelope of 250 million FCFA At their request, duly submitted to the discretion of the Chief Authorizing Officer for the expenditure of the State and following several meetings with his Director of Cabinet.
A list which would have been cleverly triturated by the central accounting and technical agent and his closest collaborators of the public treasury, and validated by Mr Henri Marie Dondra, formerly Minister for Finance and Budget, who would in the meantime have Of Mr. Guy Samuel Nganatoua, his director of cabinet, asked that nothing be extracted there and that nothing was added downstream. A terrible backpedaling, then? But how did we get there?
Overburdened by the debts owed to their banks and other partners, government providers, that is, administrators – managers of small and medium-sized enterprises, who contribute somewhat to the creation of Employment and national wealth by annually paying their tax-related customs duties and by paying their contributions to the CNSS in return for the performance of various services provided to the State in the field of office supplies, buildings And public works, believed, after the promulgation of the Finance Law 2017, when the time came to solicit close to the Minister of Finance and Budget the payment of a part of their net debts and due on the public treasury. To very subtly circumvent the inertia of the Director General of the Budget, the Director General of Public Contracts, the Director of Financial Control and the Director of Debt, assisted by their customs and tax colleagues in the annual implementation of the Normal mechanism of settlement of these claims which is compensation. As one Dénis Wangao-Kizimalé did so well, inviting all these small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies to a frank and sincere exchange around their financial health, the state of their customs tax situation With regard to the State, that of their claims and, in fine, to apply the method of crossing debts in order to lighten their portfolios and boost their activities for the financial year. Is !

That being said, in response to this request and following instructions from the Prime Minister, the great financier of the Republic did not hesitate for a moment to take the courageous and laudable decision to allocate to them the sum of 250 million FCFA, Two weeks ago. Thus, in order to guard against the shameless acts of tampering with which their lists had been subjected by the various officials responsible for the public treasury, during the last payments, the latter decided not to allow themselves to be left behind, Drawn up and handed over not to the Director General of Public Accounting and Treasury but rather to the Director of the Cabinet responsible for forwarding it to whom it is entitled, a list of their members, to be imperatively taken into account in the distribution of this financial windfall .
However, it was difficult to know the central accounting officer of Beninese nationality and in charge of the task of reforming the management of the centralized accounting of the treasury and financed by the EU, and his closest Most of them would actually be entrepreneurs, in flagrant violation of the Code of Professional Conduct, which formally prohibits executives and agents of the finance department from engaging in lucrative activities. Companies known to all and the Collective of Small and Medium Enterprises, whose management would be entrusted to small cousins, mistresses and uncles. Why then accept to take into consideration the list previously established as distribution bible? Would not that make it a joke, when the opportunity is here to take advantage of it because they can not negotiate to obtain this famous envelope, to pay themselves also through their pseudo – managers and s To go out with hands and pockets full of banknotes? By this technique, had they not succeeded in saving, at a relatively recent time, the sum of 400 million FCFA on a kitty of 600 million FCFA destined to the payment of the arrears due to these suppliers of the State? Why not repeat this feat?
As for the central accounting officer who has already failed miserably in his task of updating the financial statements of the treasury, a patent failure which is amply justified by the publication of the notice of expression of interest for the purpose of being able to His post, which tells you that he would not have brothers-in-law or parents who also work as state suppliers in this country of all negative records? Is not that also an opportunity for him to pay them against very heavy commissions or to pay for himself, since ever since he took service he has never negotiated and obtained such funding?

So said, so done. A meeting would have been held first by the professionals of the public treasury in the course of which it would have been decided to kick out this famous list of the Collective of Small and Medium Enterprises, putting on the table the formula of omitted. A card which would have the merit of introducing a new list into the basket of the envelope: that of those suppliers of the State whose claims were not taken into account at the time of the last payment, there is today More than six (6) months. Of what omis, should we now speak? Had not there been at the time a trifle of 70 million FCFA in the caisse? What then did this envelope actually serve? Why was it not used to regularize the situation of those who were not satisfied? This decision, which was only a proposal, would then be validated later by the central technical accountant at another meeting with its closest collaborators.
In reality, the formula or the card of the omitted ones would only be the expression of the low and stinking maneuvers in order to give free rein or hands free to the central accounting and technical agent and its closest collaborators in the management of this Envelope of 250 million FCFA. A position on which they would have categorically refused to return, in spite of the descent of Mr. Guy Samuel Nganatoua, now Chief of Staff of the Minister of Finance and Budget to the Treasury, instructing them to consider only the list of the Collective . A real blow of a sword in the water or more exactly of the drops of water on the feathers of a duck!
As a result, those who have taken their time, their energies and their responsibility to carry out this process and to wrest from the forceps this envelope and all the suppliers whose names were on the list of the Collective, would simply be set aside and Would not benefit from this financial windfall. Men and women who immediately screamed at the scandal, and at a discriminatory, unjust and even monetized payment of the debts of the State.
At the latest news, Henri Marie Dondra, who had meanwhile given his agreement for the solution chosen by the central accounting officer and his closest collaborators of the treasury, would have once again retracted and asked them to submit all the lists Drawn up at its final decision. Let us bet he hears the voice of reason and is strong not to fall under the charms of the mafia that has solidly settled in the soul of the financial boards.
Jean – Paul Naïba


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