Case 250 million FCFA: Mr. Dondra, are you aware of the announced strike of the state 's suppliers to protest against the tripatouillage of their list by the ACCT?


These are the latest news that have just reached the drafting. News that would not be at all good for most of the state suppliers who had waited all day Friday, January 20, 2017, under the mango trees to the Public Treasury, hoping to return home hands and Pockets full of banknotes. The hands and pockets full of money, following the promise which has been firmly and authoritatively made to them since the end of last week by Mr. Henri Marie Dondra, former Minister of Finance and Budget.

 A promise reiterated to them at the beginning of the week, once their file duly annotated and regularly transmitted to the Directorate General of Public Accounting and Treasury for execution of the decision. That of paying them the sum of 250 million CFA francs, in settlement of their claims net and due on the State. But it was wrong for them to take them to the level of the Treasury, with the firm determination of the central accounting officer of Beninese nationality to pay only the suppliers of the State whose validated and consolidated debts had not been taken Account in the last payment, several months ago.

As a result, instead of satisfying everyone, in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Finance and Budget, Henri Marie Dondra, as chief authorizing officer of state expenditure, the central accounting and technical officer Who has never negotiated and obtained any kind of envelope in order to relieve those directors who manage small and medium-sized companies of their difficulties, would have taken upon himself the responsibility of paying only a limited number of these suppliers. This would obviously have aroused the anger and discontent of most of them, who were also overburdened by arrears owed to their banks and partners.

 In fact, this calling into question of the decision of the Minister of Finance and the budget, which is to be regarded as an act of insubordination and rebellion to authority likely to discredit and tarnish its image, Maneuver on the part of the central technical accountant to set aside part of these funds in order to pay his « partners » and his « brothers-in-law », also suppliers of the State, and against very strong commissions .
Who tells you that those who pretend to be EU experts are angels and immaculate? And another Beninese? What is the difference between him and a certain Philippe Bocco who managed the one – stop shop in Douala? Does he have the same face as the managing director of BenAfrique, one of whose buses just caught fire a few days ago in Bangui?

In any case, this situation must awaken in the future the instinct of the Minister of Finance and the budget which has just raised a politically praiseworthy and economically revitalizing act on certain obsolete and mafia practices which have always characterized the payment of expenditure or the weekly execution of expenses. Shameless practices of tampering with programming, substitution of names, payments of installments instead of totality, etc. Practices that remind us of the methods institutionalized at the time under the reign of a certain Bokassa.

Indeed, when Bokassa asked the finance minister for 2 million CFA francs a year ago, the latter asked 5 million CFA francs from the TPG, who asked him for 10 million CFA francs from the main cashier who had him take out 15 million CFA francs in cash Of the cash register. Upon arrival, when Bokassa asked for something, everyone came out with a small jackpot.
Irregular practices of extractions and fraudulent extortion of public funds, which not only have the right to be cited but above all have become a real management method due to the invasion of the various departments of the Directorate General of Public Accounting And the treasury by unqualified and non-professional persons. Men and women who are unaware of the notion of public service and the basic rules of public accounting and budgetary law, to the point of hiding their shameless ugliness from wanting to call into question the decision of the Minister of Finance and Budget and even to treat his liar director as a liar.

How is it possible that for more than 2 weeks public accountants are not able to carry out the verification of these correlated receivables or more precisely in conformity with the feeds of the accounts in the deposit and consignment service, to publish The orders relating thereto and to order the discharged discharge? How can a list previously agreed by the beneficiaries themselves and validated by the Minister of Finance and Budget be called into question by an executing agent who happens to be here, not the Director General of Accounting Public and treasury, but the central accounting officer? Why did this central accounting officer never arrange for the remainder of 70 million CFA francs of the envelope for the last payment six months ago to be used for the payment of Those famous omissions of which he speaks today and which constitutes an obstacle to the actual consumption of the present envelope of 250 million CFA Francs? Is not the granting of this envelope an opportunity for him and certain executives of the public treasury who are suppliers of the State, in violation of their oath not to engage in lucrative activities, to prioritize the payment of their own business, the management of which is entrusted to their mistresses or their cousins?

These are questions to which Mr. Henri Marie Dondra, in his capacity as chief authorizing officer of state expenditure, must respond in the hours that follow before Christine Lagarde arrives in Bangui. Should he leave this situation and be an expiatory victim, while he has shown his good faith that these suppliers have been paid since Tuesday, January 17, 2017? Should he not use all his prerogatives of public authority and great financier of the Republic to call to order all these agents of the public treasury in search of easy gains, first of all the ACCT? Stay tuned !

Jean – Paul Naïba




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