Bossangoa: 3 dead and about 365 houses looted and burned in Nana – Bakassa by an armed band


Unidentified armed men attacked last Saturday the village Bowai, near the Sub-prefecture of Nana-Bakassa. Three dead and many material damage recorded after the passage of the bandits. A week after the visit of the Head of State in the Ouham Prefecture, the deadly incursions of the armed men into the villages began again. Last Saturday, the village of Bowai was the target of an armed group that would be ex-Séléka from Koui.

Joined by the RJDH this 14th of February, the Sub-prefect of Bossangoa, Edouard Ignabouadé, revealed that the damage of the attack is considerable. « We were informed by the mayor of the locality that three people were killed, including two men and an elderly woman, » he said. He added that « about 365 houses were looted and burnt by these kidnappers. This is temporary because Minusca was on the scene to reduce the progress of the attackers. « 

The Sous-préfet also stated that « the population of the surrounding villages is panicked following this violent incursion of the armed groups ». Minusca spokesman Vladimir Monteiro confirmed the results and deplored the attacks on the civilian population which he described as « considerable damage ». He stressed that « a patrol has been organized to reduce the nuisance of these armed groups ».

The president of the Bossangoa city delegation called on the government to restore security in the north and center of the country for the free movement of people and goods.

Source: RJDH


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