Bocaranga: The evidence of Mr. Onanga's and Minusca's responsibility in the latest events


A few days ago, the town of Bocaranga was attacked at 6 am by armed gangs resembling the Saharan elements of a certain Sidiki. Arrived on motorcycles in Koui where they had their bases and had committed hideous crimes against the civilian population, they easily surrendered to further acts of grave human rights violations, burned houses, granaries And businesses, plundered the Catholic church and took a large sum of money. In the sight of the UN forces, present in the city to ensure the protection of the civilian populations, which would have surprisingly allowed the exactions to be committed.

This was not noted by the spokesman of the Minusca, in its weekly press briefing.16299252_1349128841773925_7519685327730616787_n

Simply stating in a press release later that « the United Nations Integrated Multifaceted Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent violence against civilians and humanitarian organizations committed by The armed groups in Bocaranga, in the prefecture of Ouham Pende (northeast of the Central African Republic). The Mission also reiterates its commitment to work with all partners, in particular the Central African authorities, to find a lasting solution to the crisis in Koui and Bocaranga. Bocaranga was the target of attacks and looting, Thursday morning, perpetrated by elements belonging to the 3R (Return, Complaint and Repair) and the Anti-Balakas. Hundreds of people fled the center of Bocaranga, some of them to take refuge near the UNMISCA base. The new violence, which targeted a site where displaced persons were housed and the buildings of humanitarian organizations, exacerbated the vulnerability of civilian populations already affected by the continuing insecurity in the Koui and Bocaranga region.

In accordance with his mandate, the MINUSCA peacekeepers deployed in Bocaranga intervened to stop the violence and opened fire on the elements of both camps. The impartial intervention of the peacekeepers brought peace in the city and was followed by patrols. Protection of IDP camp, hospital and NGO facilities was strengthened. A UNSCOM Force helicopter also flew over Bocaranga on Thursday afternoon. In Koui, the situation remains tense and makes the work of humanitarian organizations difficult, essential for the survival of the populations. MINUSCA warns the 3R and the Anti-Balaka in Ouham Pende against all forms of violence against civilians and humanitarian actors and reminds armed groups of their responsibility under international humanitarian law and human rights .

UNMISCA is continuing its efforts, along with other partners, in the search for a peaceful solution. Nevertheless, the mission will take all necessary measures to protect the civilian population against the threats and violence committed by the 3R and the Anti-Balakas in Ouham Pende.



But other credible sources say the contrary and sweep away with all the information that came out of Monteiro’s mouth.

Indeed, according to sources from independent sources, including Radio – Siriri in Bouar and relayed by the online newspaper « Diaspora », « Tel Attila the Hun, Abass Sidiki the rebel leader of the group called » 3R  » To sow dead and desolation behind him. After horrors at KOUI, where his men went so far as to burn people. Four days ago, he attacked the city of Bocaranga for further plunder.

Immediately, Bernard Dillah the deputy of Ngaoudaye I gave the alert informing the press: « These men invested Bocaranga at 6 am, immediately destroying all the networks to isolate it. They came from the village of KOUI where there is their base, and they massacred about twenty civilians. « MINUSCA WANTED TO MAKE MINUSCA screaming at all the rooftops with press releases that there has never been any collusion between its blue helmets and Sidiki men, the facts on the ground completely prove the opposite. Men from the UNMISC local contingent were regularly seen delivering weapons and ammunition to the « 3Rs », and even cover their movements. In KOUI, MINUSCA has committed crimes, rape and looting; Identical situation in BOCARANGA, what the local elected official Dillah denounced publicly. This fact is not therefore an elucubration of the press, but of the reality observed many times. Told by Father Jean-Marius de Bouar: « The locality was shaken early this morning by heavy gunfire from the elements of Sidiki, which affirmed Urbi and Orbi to have received the authorization of Mr. Touadera, in order to watch over the Fulani Of the area, and protect the transhumance corridor. His men attacked the ND parish of the Guard, and carried computers and cash under the watchful eye of the MINUSCA contingent. In Bangui, Vladimir Monteiro aka « All is well », MINUSCA spokesperson minimizes the facts: « We were informed of the presence in Bocaranga of armed individuals who opened fire in the village, Distract people to loot some shops, some people. […] About fifty civilians took refuge near our camp of MINUSCA, and we began a patrol precisely to secure and tranquillize the populations. The situation is under control. Finally, in view of these catastrophic situations, Father Jean Marius Toussaint Zoumalde declares that it is time for the Head of State to finally play his effective role as Supreme Head of the Armed Forces « .

So who is telling the truth? La Minusca or Radio – Siriri? What do the government and the elected representatives of the nation say? In any case, this is without comment.

Kassa mo Ngonda


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