Bocaranga: Terrible massacre, murdered men, women raped, houses and shops burned by the Fulhs of Sidiki … ..


« The town of Bocaranga was attacked this morning at 7 am by the Fulhs of Sidiki. It was a terrible massacre, with men murdered, women raped, children thrown against the walls of houses, houses and shops burnt. I just arrived in Bangui, on a motorcycle.  » This is the summary account of the storm of the elements of Sidiki which struck this morning on the peaceful city of Bocaranga.
We did not talk about it, we do not talk about it and we will continue talking about it until death draws us the last breath of life. For more than 10 months in charge of the affairs of the city, President Touadera, democratically elected on the basis of the policy of rupture, security and national reconciliation, is struggling to prove himself. Despite his policy of handing the warlords and all armed bands to him, he did not succeed in ensuring the security of the people of the Central African Republic and reassuring him of his real capacity to ensure his protection and the defense of this land which Has seen birth.
From Koui to Bambari through Ngaoundaye, Bocaranga, Bozoum, Paoua, Kaga – Bandoro, Bakala, Bria, and Ippy, in the 12 prefectures out of 16 which make up the country of B. Boganda are rampant warlords and armed bands who Kill with impunity, burn houses and granaries, steal, plunder, destroy public and private property and racketee the population by raising taxes everywhere if they do not simply force them to flee to the bush to live like animals .
Thus, last Saturday, armed gangs resembling antibalakas attacked one of the bases of the 3R of Sidiki, making 65 dead on the 3R side. Repressions of the 3Rs took place on Monday with the attack of the camp of the Christian refugees in Koui in the center where dozens of the Christians would have been simply slaughtered by Peulh elements.
Information confirmed by local sources.
The antibalakas would claim to want to finish the 3R. Sidiki would have found refuge in Niem Yelewa, having been driven out of Sanguere. As usual, the Minusca would have played during these attacks to the spectators.
But as the calm is returning to the area, it is the turn of the city of Bocaranga to be attacked this morning by heavily armed peulh, slaughtering, killing, burning houses and businesses. The population would have fled into the bush to protect themselves. As we go to press this article, victims fleeing this murderous attack and already arrived in Bangui, on board motorcycles, are formal: Bocaranga was attacked this morning by Fulani. Too many dead. All houses and shops burnt down …
This attack against civilian populations, with the knowledge and with the sight of the UN forces, at the moment when the president of the Republic is on mission in Bossangoa and that the antibalakas are in Rome at the request of San Egidio for the search for peace in The framework of the DDRR … To such a sign that all are asking the question of who wants to PEACE in this country?
Alissa Ingbangba


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