Bambari: When was the capture of the city by the elements of Nourreldine Adam present in Kidjikra and reported in the suburbs?



Since the conclave held a few weeks ago in Ndjamena, in which all the warlords took part, Nourreldine Adam, Abdoulaye Hissène, Al – Katim Mahamat, with the exception of one Ali Darass Would have joined the DDRR process through Karim Méckassoua and would have rejected the plan for the partition of the Rca on the basis of Islamic conquest, the prefectures of Nana – Gribizi, Ouaka, Haute – Kotto, Bamingui – Bangoran, Vakaga and Lower – Kotto have become a real battlefield. Battles between the elements of the FPRC / RPRC / MPC coalition against the UPC fighters of the Nigerian-born Pehmin mercenary, Ali Darass, who has set up his headquarters in Bambari for more than two (2) years. Battles of the civilian populations, from Bakala to Ippy, Ndassima, and all the villages in the triangle of Mbrès – Grimari and Bria, abandoned to themselves and forced to seek refuge in the bush or at the sites of Displaced and live as animals. Battles that are dangerously close to the city of Bambari, despite the departure of Ali Darass towards the sub – prefecture of Kouango and all the military devices set up by the UN forces of the Minusca to protect the city. This was revealed by RFI, only two (2) days ago in these terms:
« The Ouaka, prefecture of the central-east of the Central African Republic, is still under high tension. Despite the departure of his enemy Ali Darass UPC leader, the FPRC and its allies still want to take the city of Bambari. An offensive to which the Minusca promised to oppose. Clashes have already taken place on the ground. And these last days the tone is still mounted by means of interposed press releases.

In its latest statement, the Minusca unambiguously targeted the FPRC accused of uttering threats against its personnel and humanitarian actors in particular. A few days earlier, she accused the same FPRC of supplying weapons to young people in Ippy, a few tens of kilometers north of Bambari. The RPF denies. But blue and rebel helmets also clashed on the ground. At the beginning of February, helicopters of the UN force opened fire on a column of the FPRC descending on Ippy, killing one of the leaders, Joseph Zoundeko. For the FPRC this is the sign that the Minusca plays the game of its enemies of the UPC.

Meanwhile, Minusca, who wants to avoid fighting at all costs in Bambari, has obtained the departure of Ali Darass as well as that of the local chief of anti-balaka, Gaetan Boadé. But the FPRC and its allies did not give up taking the city and continued their advance. On February 26, one of its columns was arrested a few kilometers from the city by the blue helmets who at the same time arrested three cadres of the movement. « Our elements are 10 km from Bambari, » said one of the rebel leaders Azor Kalit on Sunday evening. « Ali Darass was not the only one to represent a danger in Bambari. His men are still there. As soon as the UPC is defeated security will return, « Azal Kalit added. In Bambari, where hundreds of new displaced people have arrived in recent weeks, aid workers describe a persistent fear.
A thinly veiled threat to the elements of the Minusca and a tactic that would have allowed Nourreldine and his men to take the town of Ippy, distribute weapons of war to young recruits and erect illegal barriers on leaving And at the entrance. At the latest news, the coalition FPRC / RPRC / MPC would have succeeded in big blows of money, well informed sources evoke the figure of 5 million FCFA that Nourreldine Adam would have put in cash to a certain Gaetan Boadé, anti – Balaka comzone , To obtain its rallying to their cause and the occupation of the zone of Kidjikra. This means that more than one observer from the region said that taking the town of Bambari would be a matter of hours and the warning signs are already there: elements of the FPRC / RPRC / MPC would have Already hidden in the city and hidden in concessions belonging to Chadian and Sudanese subjects and whose portals are painted green and the bulk of the troop of which many young people attracted by the bait of 2,500 CFA Francs of PGA per day would wait The arrival of reinforcements with heavy and sophisticated equipment from Chad and Sudan to go to the assault.

An asymmetric plan of attack against which the Minusca would have no parry!

Kassa mo Gonda


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