Bambari: A village chief and 8 people killed by elements of the UPC of Ali Darass in the villages Mambissi and Kpabara ….


Since the departure of Ali Darass from the UPC of the city of Bambari, his elements left to themselves would be committing serious abuses and war crimes against civilians in full view of the UN forces.
Thus, after their horrors at Mingala, they would have attacked the peaceful populations of the Mambissi and Kpabara villages, located on the axis Bambari – Ippy. In Mambissi, they reportedly killed 6 people including the chief and two (2) of his sons and in the Kpabara village 3 people, on Friday and Saturday 10 and 11 March 2017.
Information confirmed by the deputy Gbongouda, the prefect and the commander of the Bambari Brigade. This means that Onanga would simply have moved the war from one area to another to continue to justify the importance of the presence of Minusca in this country, on the blood and at the cost of the blood of hundreds of Central Africans . If the faca does not enter the game by deploying in this part of the Central African territory, thousands of Central Africans will still have to die in anonymity …
Kassa Mo Gonda


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