Bambari: 3 big fish and 37 frets arrested, one dead and wounded after the attack of the Minusca ….

Three elements of the coalition of the Popular Front for the Renaissance of Central Africa (FPRC), whose advance towards the city of Bambari (center of the Central African Republic) was stopped Sunday by the Force of the UNMISCA, are in the hands of the Mission. The Central African judicial authorities, with the support of UNMISCA, will conduct their interrogations about their presence in the vicinity of the city.
The three men – Idriss Ahmed El Bashar, Yaya Idriss and Line Angou Aneser – as well as the rest of the coalition elements violated the MINUSCA red line, approaching Bambari with AK47s and RPGs. MINUSCA air strike on Sunday resulted in seven wounded and one dead in the coalition. UNMISCA again denounces the recent attack by the PRGF coalition that seriously injured peacekeepers. She stressed that such acts of aggression could constitute acts of war and that their perpetrators would be prosecuted before national and international courts.
UNMISCA again calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities. The Mission reiterates its determination to use all the means given to it by the Security Council to prevent a conflagration of the town of Bambari, with disastrous consequences for the civilian populations. The activities of MINUSCA include assisting national authorities in reducing the presence and threat of armed groups in accordance with the Security Council resolution. The Mission welcomes the departure of the town from the UPC leader and two anti-Balaka officials and stresses that nothing should justify a continuation of hostilities in Bambari.
UNMISCA also denounced the ongoing pressure exerted by the RPF coalition on displaced persons in Ippy (eastern Bambari), by preventing civilians from leaving the locality. The Mission calls on the leaders of this coalition to put an immediate end to these prohibitions and to comply with national and international law on the free movement of persons, specifying that they will be held responsible for any violation.
Provided by: Minusca
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