Bakala: Mrs. Dorothée Tiyangou, Member of the UNDP for the displaced in her constituency ….



Bakala, the martyr city … .Bakala, once the tourist town … .Bakala, once the center of the African continent … .Bakala, once the alive, the attractive, the beautiful … ..
Out of a population of 18,000 inhabitants shortly before the last elections, there is no surviving soul. Indeed, after the killings of December 2016, perpetrated by the elements of a certain Ali Darass with the support of the Mauritanian contingent of the Minusca, placed under the high command of a certain Desire Perfect Onanga – Anyanga, men, women, children , And some people of the 3rd age still able to walk and stand were forced to leave the city to find refuge elsewhere, which in Grimari, which in Bambari, which to the M’brès, etc … Even the Abbot Manandji Was obliged to go down to Bambari, thus delivering the Catholic Church and the presbytery to the mercy of the elements of the FPRC and the MPC, henceforth masters of the place, after having chased the elements of the mercenary of Nigerian origin, Ali Darass. It is to these men, women and children who have lost everything and condemned to live like animals that Mrs. Dorothée Tiyangou made a visit a few days ago with a humanitarian goal … Images that speak and that Do without any comment!
Jean – Paul Naïba


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