Bakala: 400 killed, bodies thrown into the wells and the Ouaka, 15,000 displaced, houses burned by the Minusca, dixit Mrs. Dorothée Tiyangou …

As the whistleblowers and all the fighters of freedom and democracy have never ceased to proclaim it loud and clear, Mr. Onanga and the Minusca are responsible for the persistence of the crisis that continues to shake the soul Of the Republic, and of which a whole people is taken hostage on its own land by murderers of all sorts and criminals of the worst kind, who have come from elsewhere.
A crisis that has become simply a real business for all the protagonists and for the international community, yet present in the Central African Republic to ensure the protection of the civilian populations against the exactions of the warlords and all the armed bands. This is the most plausible proof of the press release of Ms Dorothée Tiyangou, UNDP deputy, on the security situation in the city of Bakala and made public at the beginning of February 2017. A press release accusing Mr Onanga and the Minusca for helping the elements of the Nigerien mercenary, Ali Darass, to commit mass killings and war crimes. Then what replies can they make against this grave accusation? How long will they continue to deny being behind Ali Darass, Sidiki and others? Instead of being an army of peacemakers, has Minusca turned into an army of murderers, criminals of the worst and conquistadors? In any case, there is something for this Mr. Onanga and his closest collaborators go underground to no longer appear … And for good reason:
 » Press release
On the security situation in the city of Bakala

On December 20, 2016, after my statement on the national airwaves, I drew the attention of the authorities of our country and those of Minusca on the atrocities committed by the elements of the UPC of the rebel leader Ali Darass. There was no response from the various authorities responsible for the protection of civilian populations in accordance with Security Council resolutions 2301 and 2339. As a Member of Parliament for Bakala City, I personally traveled to the city from 21 to 24 January 2017 to find out more. The findings and information gathered are bitter and reveal a city completely destroyed. The damage listed is as follows:
– More than 400 inhabitants killed and some are thrown into the wells and the river Ouaka;
– More than 15,000 depkacees distributed on the sites of Bambari (PK 8, PK 12, Aerodrome Togo, Yamale) and Grimari;
– In Bakala, on the spot there are people of 3rd age without assistance and waiting for their end;
– All dwellings are pillaged and destroyed;
All the huts built in the gold-yards are burned.
Basically, Bakala has become a ghost town. According to concordant sources, the involvement of the Minusca contingents in the destruction of the city has been noted for supporting the elements of the UPC of Ali Darass. For example, these contingents had invited the young people of Bakala to leave their hiding place to take part in a meeting on 12 December 2016, and thirty-six (36) young people who had responded to this invitation had all been summarily executed.
In view of the above and as a Member of the Nation, I strongly condemn these abuses suffered by the people of Bakala and ask:
1. First, the Government to take the necessary measures to secure the Ouaka region, in general, and Bakala region, in particular, on the one hand, to instruct the technical departments in order to clean up the said town and To take preventive measures against epidemics and to set up basic services for the supply of drinking water;
2- Minusca to be impartial in its intervention on the ground, to ensure its full mission in accordance with its mandate and to promptly launch a joint investigation against its elements involved in the abuses in Bakala;
3. Lastly, humanitarian NGOs should make every effort to assist all displaced persons in permanent residence and those admitted to host families at the various sites mentioned above.

Done at Bangui on 01 February 2017

Honorable Dorothée TIYANGOU »
Member of Parliament for Bakala
Jean-Paul Naïba


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