Alert – Info: Wind of panic and calm in Bouar … ..


Crazy rumors of the imminent entry into the city of the elements of the warlord, Sidiki, would have cut sleep to the peaceful population of Bouar for one (1) hour in the morning. And who to move to find refuge on the secured sites, which towards the seminaries, which towards the cathedral ….
In fact, according to reliable information in our possession and from Bouar, armed elements resembling antibalakas from Bouar, Bozoum and Bossangoa reportedly stormed a village adjoining the town of Bocaranga , To breeders, and would have taken from them all herds of oxen. After their forfeiture, and provided with their booty of war, each group was to return to the house, which towards Bossangoa, which towards Bozoum and which towards Bouar. And it is the entrance of the antibalakas of Bouar into the city with their quota of oxen that would be interpreted as the impending entry of the Sidiki pehls elements.
Since then, calm would have returned to the city. Evidently alerted, the elements of the Minusca and the antibalakas would be on their guard, because one never knows.
Jean – Paul Naïba


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