Alert – Info: Mr. Touadéra & M. Onanga, where is currently Ali Darass, the murderer of a whole people?


The crazy rumors that circulated throughout the weekend in the capital of the Central African Republic are confirmed hour by hour after some re-cutting of information that our team has been able to make. It all began when the UN forces decided to implement the various UN Security Council resolutions – unbelievable but true. That said, could the UN forces also fight or retaliate? Everyone could think otherwise. Why this change of posture? For is it not said that the dog does not change his way of sitting? But no. Everything changes, everything evolves, only the imbeciles do not change.

As of 11 February last, according to information from MINUSCA forces, an attack helicopter of the force had been hired against a column of 300 elements of the FPRC / MPC / RPRC coalition and seven pik up near Ngawa 1, located at 12 km from Ippy – center-east of the Central African Republic, when the Selka crossed the « red line » (Bria) by forcing.
According to UN military sources, four pik up have been destroyed. The number of victims is estimated to date to 100 deaths among which are noted General Joseph Zoundeko of FPRC and the spokesman of Nourredine Adam, the other warlord, Maouloud Ali.

But where the problem lies, one of the warlords known as Ali Darass was reportedly exfiltered and taken to the Central African capital, Bangui, with the help of Balla Keïta, Force Commander of the UN Mission United in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), since last weekend following this strong offensive of its units. This executioner of Central Africans, of Nigerian origin, would now be placed under the high protection of the international forces. Some of his men would be at Seljeka HQ at the Central Hotel, not far from national television – UPC boss Darass, meanwhile, would be on the side of the seat of the former Areva Just behind the Central African Presidency, La Renaissance. (Public Domestic Security Source)

All that remains to be remembered here is that Minusca plays a game that no Central African can understand. Of course the balance of the offensive is heavy in the ranks of the different fractions of the ex-seka, but the question remains, why protect a warlord who deserves his place behind the bars? A jihadist, with his men who kill and violate everyday the Central Africans? Will the Central African authorities pronounce on this situation? What will the families of the victims think if the Minusca of Onanga succeeded in extraditing the Nigerian rebel who is not accepted in his own country, Niger? Where will they send him if he has to leave Central African soil?

Even if we know that in January 2014, the former Central African putschist, Michel Djotodia had traveled through Djamena (Chad) with suitcases of blood money to join his wife Benin ? Will they do the same with the Nigerian jihadist Darass?
All these questions asked to which we have no answer for the moment, deserve mature reflexions. The people of the Central African Republic are entitled to responses given the current circumstances. Follow our gaze, we shall return to it.

Source: Kadéï Vox Writing


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