ALERT INFO – [Berberati-CBCA] The head of the agency in flight with more than 500 million FCFA


It was only on that date of 12 January that the information was made public and came to us following the arrival of the audit mission from the Central African capital, Bangui.

The events took place last weekend in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The head of the agency CBCA Berberati, Mr. Mahamat Djarado would be missing with a sum of more than 500 million FCFA.

According to our information, Mr Mahamat Djarado who fled with this large sum whose amounts vary from one source to another would have been the debtor of a former seka general, Mr Shat, who had fled A few years ago in Chad since the end of the reign of Djotodia.

Rounga both, the supposed general Shat would have entrusted more than 183 million FCFA to the head of the agency. Over time, according to the versions of our various sources, Mr Djarodo would have taken this sum to do his personal business (house building, purchases of goods etc.).

In need of his blood money, the general would have come in contact with the elements of the local Minusca to recover them. The banker not having the sum on him, preferred to empty the account of the Berberati regional CBCA to reimburse his creditor but at the last moment he thought it good to flee with abandoning women and children.

Informed of the facts, the national gendarmerie was obliged to break the doors of the office of the head of the agency in flight in order to have access to certain documents that could help him to find him.

According to certain testimonies requested on anonymity, Mahamat Djarado, originally from Km5, Bangui, was reportedly assigned at the time to Berberati in the south-west of the Central African Republic, but the latter did not want to take his post there. Moreover, the forces of the national gendarmerie are also unaware of where the Minusca accomplices have hidden the famous general Shat. Case to follow on Kadei Vox.

NB: This article may be amended at any time depending on the evolution of the investigation carried out by the gendarmerie.

Writing Kadéï Vox


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