Insecurity: Mr. Onanga, find the other 8 containers or leave the country that exists only on a map!


His name is Perfect Désiré Onanga Anyanga, a citizen of Gabon. Since August 14, 2015, he has assumed the noble functions of special representative of the UN Secretary General for the Central African Republic and head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic, abbreviated to « Minusca ».
He succeeds General Babacar Gaye of Senegal, who resigned on 12 August 2015. The reading of his CV reveals that Mr. Onanga-Anyanga brings with him several years of experience he has gained within the framework of the United Nations In areas affected by conflict, notably as Head of the United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB), and more recently as the System-wide Main Coordinator on Burundi with the rank of Assistant Secretary-General, More of his role as Coordinator of the response of the UN Headquarters to the crisis caused by Boko Haram.

From 2007 to 2012, he served as Deputy Secretary-General’s Cabinet Director, after serving as Special Advisor to the Presidents of the sixtieth and sixty-first sessions of the General Assembly between 2005 and 2007. Previously, , He was Chief of Staff to the President of the fifty-ninth session of the General Assembly. From 1998 to 2004, he held various political and management positions at the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna and New York. He began his career by serving as Acting Secretary of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa and then as First Counselor for Disarmament and Political Affairs at the Permanent Mission of Gabon to United Nations in New York. Mr. Onanga-Anyanga holds a post-graduate degree in political science from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, and a master’s degree in sociology from Omar Bongo University in Libreville, Gabon. Born in 1960, he is married and has three children.
Unfortunately, more than a year later, this one not only struggles to help the return of security and peace in this country but is revealed every day that God makes on this earth as one of the masters of thought of the Persistence and maintenance of the crisis. Arrogant, pedantic and very imbued with his little person, he never ceased to behave like proconsul of the international community in terra incognita that became the Central African Republic, since the coup d’etat of March 23, 2013. Face To the cowardice of our legal and legitimate authorities, he never ceased in his remarks to hide his firm determination to perpetuate the exactions and war crimes in the Central African Republic, under the extreme necessity of discussing with the lords Of war in the name of peace, while supplying them with arms, and of loudly proclaiming that it has no account to render to a people whose country exists only on a map. While forgetting to say how much it brings to him his presence in this terra incognita, in terms of material and financial advantages and profits born of the traffics of diamond and gold. Who is con?
In order to continue to justify the presence of Minusca in order to continue to profit abundantly from it to the dregs, he considered it useful to maintain the crisis by activating it and by supplying weapons of war and equipment Military personnel to those whom he considers to be Central African subjects of Muslim faith, while most of them are not Central Africans and must be neutralized as rebels. Intelligent, he could not of course accept the rearmament of the faca, lest in less than a week of fight the insecurity could definitely end and his presence and that of the Minusca could also no longer have their Raison d’être in this terra incognita. This is what justifies these acts of renewed hostilities here and there, through the irruption on the political and national scene of the criminals of the worst kind that are Sidiki, Ali Darass, Nourreldine, Al – Katim, Abdoulaye Hissène and others.
In fine, this justifies the importation of weapons of war to this terra incognita, not in accordance with the secure mode of command and delivery of weapons on behalf of the Minusca, known to all, but By trivializing the procedure by making it up and giving it a normal character. That is the problem, which has provoked and must provoke the dissatisfaction of a whole people and what must overwhelm and accuse Mr. Onanga of the offense of illegal import of weapons of war to the Central African Republic, Violation of the provisions of the resolutions of the Security Council decreeing the embargo. As a result, he is no longer worthy to assume the noble functions of special representative of the UN Secretary General in Central Africa and must be told to tell the truth about the discovery of two (2) 20-foot containers, full of War weapons at the Upstream port.
Indeed, « according to a customs colonel on condition of anonymity, the truck from Douala arrived at the upstream port since last February 23rd. On the sending slip, mention is made of « Rifles » and « Tazr pistols », ie « plastic pistols ». Informed, a crowd piled up in front of the portal of the port Amont to observe these weapons but prevented by the forces of the order. On the two containers are documents of the Minusca. According to the director of communication and information of this UN institution Mr. Hervé VEROOSHEL, these arms really belong to the Minusca and are destined to the Jordanian police. He added that the competent authorities of the country are all aware of the arrival of these weapons. Three ministers namely the security and territorial administration Jean Serge BOKASSA, Joseph YEKITE defense and finally Flavian MBATA Minister of Justice including the prosecutor of the republic arrived at the scene. According to the prosecutor of the republic, an investigation is already open and no authority has pronounced at the moment and the discovered weapons are confiscated from the naval forces that secure the port. Despite exchanges between the members of the government present and the officials of the Minusca, these weapons were not released to the Minusca. This is the paradox that is preoccupying the population for now in Bangui. In the meantime, the government has ordered the two containers to be kept under strict surveillance pending the results of the investigations initiated.  »
In addition, « the driver of the truck of Peuhle origin Cameroon said that it is for him the sixth time to drive this kind of goods of which he never knew the contents. Sometimes he drove the containers to Ndele, a town 600 km from Bangui in the Bamingui-Bangoran prefecture in the north of the country, where the men of the Movement for Progress in the Central African Republic (MPC) settled. He continued that he has already carried out two such trips to Bambari a city located 400 KM from Bangui in the prefecture of Ouaka in the center of the country.
Finally, « weapons have been discovered today at the upstream port in Bangui. The weapons come from the city of Akwaba one of the cities of Jakarta in Indonesia. Minusca and the government responded in a joint statement on the matter. The discovery of these containers creates panic among the population, while the country is under embargo, prohibiting the import of weapons. This is in a context where the Central African armed forces are struck by these measures, while the rebel groups are using weapons. According to information from the RJDH, « a total of 523 weapons were discovered in one of the two Containers opened this day at Port Amont. These weapons come from Akwaba, a city in Jakarta via Douala, before being transported to Bangui. « The Central African authorities and the Minusca were present at the upstream port to see the discovery of these weapons. In a joint MINUSCA-Government statement on the subject, these are the weapons destined for MINUSCA, « as part of the deployment of a new MINUSCA mobile police unit, two 20-foot containers carrying arms and Ammunition, arrived on February 18 in Bangui, from the port of Douala, Cameroon. The clearance of this cargo has caused misunderstandings, « said the joint statement. According to the communiqué, the « Central African Government and UNMISCA wish to inform national and international public opinion that, after clear exchanges and explanations on both sides, any misunderstanding on the matter has been lifted ». Police said 10 containers were already in circulation, « we are trying to confirm the information. If this is true, we will do anything to get the other 8, « promised the source. After the crisis in the CAR, insecurity remains a major problem for Central Africans. The Central African state has lost control of its territory. Security is ensured by the Minusca, which is the only institution that has the authority to control the country in the absence of the national forces.
The facts as described above are of extreme gravity and call on Mr. Onanga Anyanga for clear and clear answers, without flourishes or blunder. How were these weapons ordered and shipped to Bangui? Is there not a special and specific procedure for the command and delivery of weapons of war in the Central African Republic on behalf of Minusca since its deployment and the adoption of Security Council resolution 2127? Why have you used a normal and ordinary procedure today? What does he say about the destination of the other 8 containers? Would not they be the ones who would be seen at Kaga – Bandoro, at Km 5, at Bambari and at Koui? By this banal mode of command and delivery, have these weapons not already served and continue to serve to kill Central Africans? Is not he the intellectual author of all these war crimes? Is it not in this way that insecurity is constantly maintained? He must find these 8 containers or simply make his apron.

Jean – Paul Naïba


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